King Charles Needs To Create Unity In His Family, Says Princess Diana’s Confidante

King Charles Needs To Create Unity In His Family, Says Princess Diana's Confidante

As England celebrates the coronation, the fate of King Charles and his reign has been laid out by Princess Diana’s close friend Debbie Frank.

The royal astrologer has set out that the King must use his passion to create unity within his own family after the fallout with his son Prince Harry.

This call for unity comes as the Duke of Sussex reunites with his family in the UK to attend his dad’s coronation. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle has stayed at their home in California with their two children Lilibet Diana and Archie – who is celebrating his birthday on the same day his grandfather becomes King.

Queen Consort Camilla was crowned alongside her husband and, giving further insight, the astrologer has predicted the constant public exposure of royal life may be “daunting” at first but she will find a way to tackle this head-on as she grows into the role of Queen.

Debbie says: “Stepping up to the role he was born for at 11am on Saturday, May 6 the new King will be finally crowned and anointed as King Charles III.

“Charles is a Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus – a combination that has perseverance and resilience deeply embedded within it. Our new King knows how to hold on whilst withstanding many challenges and he is a man of passion.”

“Organic farming and preserving traditional buildings reflect his Moon in Taurus but he is also a dig-deep Scorpio intent on transforming people’s perceptions and lives. Now that he is King, duty calls him into line.

“He needs to apply his Scorpio passion towards creating unity both within his own family, country, and commonwealth. The Coronation is being held just after a lunar eclipse. 

“Eclipses are powerful game-changers and often present at royal events. This one in Charles’s own sign of Scorpio almost has his name on it. Mercury is retrograde – perhaps some logistical overwhelm will occur even within the best-laid plans and the planet Uranus, the outlier, speaks of the unexpected popping up.

“The Coronation chart describes him as being a monarch who will make an impactful mark on a new era and also take on challenges during his reign. He has all the personal ingredients to be a King who makes a difference.

“Queen Camilla as a Sun sign Cancer placed in the most private angle of her horoscope might find the constant public exposure of royal life daunting. She will be keen to carve out her personal space and time. Camilla, like Charles, has royal Leo rising which carries her through engagements.

“The action planet Mars is currently in Cancer so it’s full on for her and the eclipse is a major elevation in status and position. She will step up to the Coronation with her family around her in the Abbey which is an essential support for Cancer. As Queen, she will differentiate between the public and private areas of her life.”

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