Lisa Snowdon suffered miscarriage live on air after she was violently attacked by an ex-boyfriend


Lisa Snowdon has opened up about the devastating time she suffered a miscarriage live on air after being the victim of a vicious attack by her former boyfriend.

The former Capital Breakfast presenter, 51, details her horrific ordeal in her upcoming new book Just Getting Started.

The memoir recalls two ‘abusive ex-lovers‘, one of whom Lisa said attacked her, subsequently causing her to lose her baby.

In an extract of the book, Lisa claims she fell pregnant ‘six to eight months’ after being told she had ‘slim chance of conceiving aged 41’.

She writes that ‘even though the relationship wasn’t perfect’ she saw it as a sign from God’ she was finally going to become a mum.

However sadly, scans showed the baby wasn’t growing as it should and the heartbeat was ‘faint’.

Lisa then says she was violently attacked by her partner and hours later, as she was presenting live on air, she started to miscarry, reports The Sun.

In an extract seen by the publication, she writes: ‘I rushed to the bathroom, full of panic. I didn’t know what to do. We’d only just gone on air, and I knew I had to keep working.

‘I dug deep and tried to park the dread I felt in the pit of my stomach, praying that my baby would be OK.

‘To say I was devastated was an understatement; I was heartbroken, inconsolable.’

Lisa’s memoir hits the shelves later this month and a segment of the book’s description also details the life-long injuries she received at the hands of a former boyfriend while pregnant at 19.

In an extract seen by The Sun, the radio personality also noted: ‘I am convinced the reason for my miscarriage was yes, partly due to the egg quality, but also because my partner had attacked me in the street the night before, shaking me violently and throwing me up against some metal shop-front shutters.’

The former I’m A Celebrity star shared that she is still in constant pain from her injuries, but hopes that coming forward about her experience will help others battling something similar.

Last year, Lisa spoke frankly about the toll early menopause took on her body, saying: ‘I suffered insomnia, hair thinning, extreme night sweats, severe anxiety and angry rages, but I didn’t even know what perimenopause was back then.

‘I was totally unprepared.’

She added: ‘I see menopause as a new phase in our lives and it’s one that we need to take responsibility for.

‘I see menopause as a new phase in our lives and it’s one that we need to take responsibility for,’ says Lisa.

‘Arm yourself with research, remember movement is medicine, look at your diet and be more mindful about what’s going on in your body.’

The star, who previously hosted Britain’s Next Top Model – once shared how she used her career as a cover star to ‘escape’ the abusive relationship with one of her ex partners.

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