Marilyn Monroe Refused To Wear P@Nties To Movie Premiere

NO underwear

The world-renowned movie star Marilyn Monroe made headlines in 1959 when she attended the premiere of Some Like It Hot without underwear on.

In a newly released tell-all book by her former hairdresser, Kenneth Battelle, the hairstylist revealed the details behind Monroe’s risqué fashion decision.

Battelle also mentioned that Monroe had a habit of bleaching her nether regions.

Battelle, who passed away in 2013, worked with A-list stars in the 1950s and ’60s, including Monroe.

In excerpts from his book, Kenneth: Sheer Elegance, shared by The Daily Mail, Battelle described his first meeting with Monroe in 1958.

The actress had lost a significant amount of hair due to heavy bleaching and perming during the filming of Some Like it Hot with co-stars Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

Battelle was no stranger to the public’s obsession with the iconic actress, having witnessed it firsthand.

He was also privy to her vulnerability, including an incident at the premiere party for Some Like It Hot where a film executive spilled champagne on her form-fitting, nude silk dress, causing it to become see-through.

“You could see everything like she was in a wet T-shirt,” Battelle wrote.

“She was going to throw the mink coat over the stains for the press conference, but I told her that if she wasn’t changing her dress, she should at least put on some underwear.”

However, Monroe refused to wear panties because she didn’t want visible lines showing under her sheer dress.

Battelle then suggested a solution, inspired by another Hollywood legend.

“I said. ‘I hear Jean Harlow didn’t wear underwear, either — but she used to bleach her [pubic] hair so it wouldn’t show through.’

“So, I went downstairs to the hotel drugstore and bought her powdered milk of magnesia, 20 percent peroxide, and spirits of ammonia. It’s a very old formula for decolorizing hair. I told her, ‘Now go in the bathroom and bleach [it].’

“Nothing showed through when they switched on those bright lights.”

Monroe’s decision to go panty-free in public was highly unusual for the time, although it may not raise many eyebrows today.

The Some Like It Hot premiere wasn’t the only time she went commando.

In a book released last year called Life Isn’t Everything: Mike Nichols, as Remembered by 150 of His Closest Friends, it was revealed that the late filmmaker was standing behind Monroe during one of her most famous fashion moments, just three months before her shocking death at the age of 36.

Monroe’s breathy rendition of “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy in May of 1962 was accompanied by a sheer, beaded gown that was so tight on her buxom body that she had to be sewn into it by couturier Jean Louis.

In the book, a friend of Nichols revealed the famed director was standing behind Monroe when the back of her gown split open.

“And there was Marilyn, and, yes, indeed, she didn’t wear any underwear,” the author noted.

Monroe’s personal life has always been shrouded in mystery, with many books and films made about her life, her career, and her tragic death.

She is still a cultural icon, remembered for her beauty, her talent, and her legendary performances.

Her decision to go panty-free at the Some Like It Hot premiere is just one of many fascinating stories about her life and career.

In Kenneth: Sheer Elegance, Battelle also discussed Monroe’s hair loss, which he attributed to heavy bleaching and perming.

He noted that Monroe’s hair was damaged to the point that he had to cut it and style it in a new way to help her regain her confidence.

Battelle wrote, “She had hair loss because she bleached her hair and permed it to the point of falling out.

“When she came to me, she had a lot of hair missing. I put a row of false hair under the top of her head and piled her own hair on top of it.”

Battelle’s book sheds new light on the life and career of Marilyn Monroe and provides a glimpse into the Hollywood of the 1950s and ’60s.

Monroe was one of the biggest stars of her time, known for her stunning beauty, sultry voice, and unforgettable performances.

Her decision to go panty-free at the Some Like It Hot premiere was just one example of her boldness and willingness to take risks.

Despite her success, Monroe’s life was not without its struggles.

She suffered from mental health issues and struggled with substance abuse, which ultimately led to her tragic death in 1962.

However, her legacy lives on, and she continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

The revelations in Battelle’s book have caused a stir in the media, with many people expressing shock and fascination at Monroe’s decision to go without underwear.

However, it’s important to remember that Monroe was a woman who lived her life on her own terms, and her fashion choices were just one expression of that.

As Battelle himself noted, “Marilyn was a very complex person, and it’s hard to sum her up in just a few words.”

“But I will say this: she was a great lady, and I was lucky to have known her.”

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