Meghan Markle’s Insecurity That Prince Harry Adores

Meghan Markle's Insecurity That Prince Harry Adores

When Meghan Markle wore sheer makeup on her wedding day, she started a huge wedding beauty trend, with brides leaning towards a fresh-faced look, rather than a fully made-up complexion.

On her and Prince Harry’s big day, Meghan allowed her complexion to shine through, with her freckles on full show rather than covered by the foundation – and it wasn’t just royal watchers worldwide that loved her natural look.

In an extract from Spare, Prince Harry revealed he loves Meghan’s freckles, despite the Duchess feeling insecure about them.

Recounting the evening after their first date, Prince Harry revealed that Meghan video called him having removed all of her makeup.

“She’d washed her face,” He wrote, before adding: “I said, ‘God, I love your freckles’.”

Meghan reacted unexpectedly to Harry’s compliment, with the prince explaining: “She took a quick breath. [She told me] Every time she was photographed, they airbrushed out her freckles.

Harry went on to call that ‘insane,’ calling her freckles beautiful, which surely boosted Meghan’s confidence in going makeup free around her new partner.

Meghan Markle lets her freckles shine through

Prince Harry wrote a lot in his memoir about Meghan being low maintenance – something he wasn’t expecting from a Hollywood actress. He recalled their first holiday together to Botswana, revealing his preconceptions about his soon-to-be-wife.

Meghan Markle’s freckles were on show on her wedding day

“She opened her small suitcase—she needed to get something. Here it comes, I thought. The mirror, the hairdryer, the makeup kit, the fluffy duvet, the dozen pairs of shoes. I was shamefully stereotyping: American actress equals diva.

“To my shock and delight, there was nothing in that suitcase but bare essentials. Shorts ripped jeans and snacks. And a yoga mat,” he added.

It’s no surprise that Meghan traveled with a yoga mat – she’s dedicated to the practice, telling Best Health Magazine in 2016: “Yoga is my thing. My mom is a yoga instructor and I started doing mommy-and-me yoga with her when I was seven.”

The Duchess of Sussex is obviously thankful to her mother for introducing her to the discipline because she treated her mom to a yoga retreat for her 60th birthday that same year.

Meghan Markle was insecure about her freckles

In Spare, the Duke of Sussex revealed secret information on his wife’s trip, writing: “Meg took Doria on a yoga retreat in Goa—a belated celebration of Doria’s sixtieth birthday.”

Harry didn’t reveal any further details about the break, but it’s likely the Goan retreat saw Meghan and Doria engage in several yoga sessions daily, along with sound baths and meditations, all designed to help attendees feel a sense of zen, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

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