Police to investigate video of Boris ‘not wearing a seatbelt in moving car’


Police have been called on to investigate a video showing Boris Johnson allegedly not wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle. Guardian reports.

Footage widely circulated on social media shows the former prime minister urging members of the Conservative Party to ‘get as many people as possible to turn out and vote for us’ ahead of the local elections that held on Thursday as he appears to be not wearing a seatbelt.

Johnson says to the camera: ‘Hi folks, this is Boris Johnson appealing to all Derbyshire Conservatives to get out tomorrow.’

The 42-second clip, recorded for a local Tory group, sees Johnson in the back of a moving car, urging people in Derbyshire to vote in local elections that took place on Thursday.

The Liberal Democrats have called on Derbyshire Police to investigate ‘a potential breach of the law’ by the former premier.

A spokesperson for the force has said there is ‘no information’ to suggest the clip was recorded while Mr Johnson was in the county.

The incident recalls current prime minister Rishi Sunak’s brush with the law earlier this year.

Police fined Mr Sunak after an Instagram video he’d uploaded showed him travelling without a seatbelt during a January visit to Lancashire.

Cabinet Office spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, Christine Jardine, said: ‘This looks like yet another high-level Conservative ignoring the law by not wearing his seatbelt.

‘If confirmed, this would be just further proof that Johnson and Sunak are cut from the same cloth.

‘Every time it’s one rule for the Conservatives and one for everybody else. The police should investigate this potential breach of the law immediately.’

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