Rip To The Met Gala Cockroach! Twitter Mourns As Critter Dies

Rip To The Met Gala Cockroach! Twitter Mourns As Critter Dies

Amid a sea of the world’s most glamorous A-list celebs, it was lowly vermin that stole the show: A cockroach undoubtedly solidified its spot atop the pantheon of famous New York Pests after it was spotted scurrying down the aisle at this year’s Met Gala.

A Twitter video, posted by Variety, showed the uninvited pest darting across the red carpet after circumventing security at the annual fashion bash, where tickets cost a staggering $50,000 per head.

Celebrity onlookers could be heard gasping in delight as the bug — sporting its trademark brown and white tux — scuttled up the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

At one point, Veteran Getty Images photographer Kevin Mazur snapped pics of the red-carpet bomber, before pretending to stomp on it, per the Hollywood Reporter.

Unfortunately, the bug’s dreams of hob-knobbing with the fashion elite class were not to be: The uninvited pest was unceremoniously stomped to death for real a few moments later by an unidentified party, as reported by Variety.

“It is with deep sadness that we must report the #MetGala cockroach was stepped on,” they wrote in a tweet. They also included a pic of the bug on the red rug with the caption: “Met Gala Cockroach 2023-2023.”

But the Met Gala Cockroach is flat but not forgotten with scores of fans taking to Twitter to mourn the now-mythical insect’s passing.

“Now we know. RIP cockroach. You were beautiful until you weren’t,” wrote one crestfallen viewer.

“So, upset about the met gala cockroach. he was a star for only a few short hours rip little dude,” mourned a third.

“This was no accident and I want someone held accountable,” wrote one supporter in mock outrage.

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