The Surprising Way Kate Broke Tradition At The King’s Coronation 

The Surprising Way Kate Broke Tradition At The King's Coronation 

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess of Wales is known for her impeccable sense of style and is considered a fashion icon around the world.

Her fashion choices often combine timeless elegance with modern trends, and she is known for her love of high-end designers as well as more affordable high-street brands.

But one thing that has always made Catherine the favourite of them all is the fact that she is not scared to experiment and break traditions without hurting the sentiments of the royal members.

The Duchess is known for her sustainable approach towards fashion and hasn’t shied away from repeating outfits, as well as opting for easy-to-wear jewelry even if it costs a fraction of what adorns her jewelry closet.
As she dressed for King Charles III’s royal coronation, Kate broke yet another tradition.

While she was expected to wear a tiara, as per the royal tradition, Kate opted for a shimmery headpiece. The silver headpiece featured three-dimensional leaves and was designed by Jess Collett and Alexander McQueen.

She finished her look with a formal robe called ‘Royal Victorian Order’ mantle, partially royal blue and scarlet red.

The cloak is floor-length and lined with white silk taffeta, along with a hand-embroidered badge and hood attached to the right shoulder.

Her jewelry for the day was a tribute to her late mother-in-law, Diana. Kate wore the pearl and diamond earrings belonging to Diana, along with Queen Elizabeth II’s George VI Festoon Necklace, which was commissioned by George VI for his daughter in 1950.

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