What Things Do People Say About Keanu Reeves That Are Likely To Be Misinterpreted


“I know that the ones who love us and will miss us.” This is what Keanu said when Stephen Colbert asked him what happens to us when we die.

He understands misery unlike anybody else in Hollywood.

His dad left when he was 3. He struggled with dyslexia, attending 4 different high schools before dropping out. His best friend died of a drug overdose at 23. His girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, had a stillbirth 8 months into pregnancy. She later died in a car accident not too long after.

Even with his hardships, he hasn’t let his success get to his head.

He helped his sister get cured of leukemia, and since then has donated an anonymous amount of money to hospitals that treat the disease through his private charitable foundation.

He’s worth over a couple hundred million dollars, but he still takes the subway. He doesn’t really have many fancy things.

It is rumored that he gave up a considerable portion of his pay for the latter two Matrix films so that the stunt and design and costume teams could help make the movie as amazing as possible.

Many sources claim the amount he cut from his own pay ranged just a touch above $30 million.

When his flight had an emergency landing en route to Los Angeles in Bakersfield, he not only opted to rent a large vehicle and drive the rest of the way, but he took a good number of people on the flight with him.

He’s known for paying attention to detail—there is a story about him on Twitter where he bought an ice cream just to get the receipt paper so he could autograph it for a fan. He later tossed that ice cream away.

He is one of the few actors who gets to know everybody working on the set of his projects. Several accounts of him genuinely asking people about their day and well-being.

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