Why Does Princess Catherine Look So Stressed When She Is Around Prince Louis? Is He A Difficult Child And Seems To Have An Obstinate Behavior

Why Does Princess Catherine Look So Stressed When She Is Around Prince Louis? Is He A Difficult Child And Seems To Have An Obstinate Behavior

A ‘stressed’ Kate Middleton was stuck dealing with a ‘fidgeting and bored’ Prince Louis during King Charles’ Coronation – and according to a body language expert she really did not enjoy it.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte were seen yawning and playing with their noses during the monumental ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday lunchtime (May 6).

Fortunately, Prince George had a more formal role in proceedings and was on his best behaviour.

In an exclusive body language analysis for the Daily Star, Adrianne Carter – known as the Face Whisperer – revealed the Princess of Wales may have found it tough managing her two children on the sidelines.

Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Kate, Princess of Wales, and the Prince Edward Duke of Edinburgh at the coronation

She told us: “Kate looks a bit nervously at Louis, I think she’s willing him to be on his best behaviour, and is probably her biggest worry during the service!”

And as the day wore on, those woes only increased.

Adrianne went on: “Louis is starting to fidget. We see Kate have a chat with him, looks like she’s explaining what’s going on. Charlotte also showed a bit of restlessness too but as she’s older she’s able to contain it better.”

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte were not thoroughly entertained during the Coronation

And sadly, Kate wasn’t exactly getting bucketloads of parental support from William.

“Kate seems a lot more aware of the children than William,” the face whisper claimed.

“Kate is constantly monitoring them and their movements. As time goes on, I think we’ll see more restlessness from both Louis and Charlotte and possibly Kate get more stressed as she tries to control them. Louis gives a big yawn, he’s bored! Then we see Charlotte in the background picking or rubbing her nose (can’t see clearly). This is another sign of boredom from Charlotte.”

But fortunately, the kids didn’t quite overshadow the big day.

Charles became the 40th reigning sovereign to be crowned at Westminster Abbey, the nation’s coronation church since 1066, as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby placed St Edward’s Crown on his head.

The historic moment watched around the globe was a fulfillment of the King’s destiny, but followed the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last September after a 70-year reign.

The coronation was a deeply religious ceremony steeped in symbolism and its prayers took the theme of “Called to Serve”, an attribute associated with the late Queen who pledged her life to the Commonwealth.

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