HILARIOUS! Dog refuses to walk past pub without going in for a pint


A cheeky dog in the UK become a viral sensation after refusing to carry on his evening walk because he wanted to go inside a pub.

Grenson, an Airedale Terrier, ended up in a stand-off with his owner Kate Torney outside a pub aptly named The Stand Off, in the centre of Exeter, Devon.

The Airedale terrier, seemingly smelling the sweet aromas from within, kept flinging himself to the floor outside the pub, continually refusing to shift.

The dog was filmed lying on the ground outside the open front doors of the building and refusing to budge on May 15.

Kate, 41, is seen trying to encourage Grenson to move by speaking to him, petting him and tugging on the lead, but to no avail.

He only gets up occasionally to try and enter the pub but lies down again when unsuccessful.

Exasperated, she finally she picks up his front legs and manages to get him to walk forward.

‘He’s never actually been inside that pub – to my knowledge’, said Kate, the indy100 reports.

‘He does go in other pubs, which he likes so he probably just thought ‘this is a lovely place with a nice atmosphere. It’s a fun place with a lot of good smells’.

After the video went viral, The Stand-Off pub posted on Facebook that they’d like to invite the dog – who they didn’t know at that point – for a cooked ‘slap-up dinner’ of his choice.

‘Steak, chops, sausages, whatever is his favourite!’ they wrote, adding that the owner would of course also get a free dinner.

Kate posted under the offer: ‘Grenson cordially accepts, with thanks, and will ask his servant to make contact in due course. Thank you.’

Some people on social media joked that the wilful dog had ‘exposed her other half’s real destination’ on walks.

Others said Grenson’s stubbornness was typical of Airedale Terriers, with many owners of the breed saying they had similar experiences.

One person wrote: ‘This is hilarious, your typical stubborn Airedale. I’ve been stuck at dog parks, rain storms and fields because of my Lincoln… people used to laugh at me.’

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