Unmarried couple publicly whipped in sick Indonesia punishment after being caught kissing


An unmarried couple caught kissing in Indonesia were publicly whipped as punishment.

The couple, named only as a female called RO, 23, and a man, M, 24, were reportedly caught being intimate in a parked car before authorities were alerted.

Both received 21 lashes each as people watched on at the Bustanul Salatin complex on the island of Sumatra, Sindo News reports.

Horrifically, the brutal punishment took place in public, as people watched on as the woman slumped to the floor in pain during the thrashing.

Images from the scene show police officers using a microphone while speaking to observers who even took pictures.

The woman and man were also snapped being led individually to a room where they each received their punishment.

The couple were originally meant to receive 25 lashings each, but this was ultimately reduced.

Head of Criminal Investigation Section of the Banda Aceh Prosecutor’s Office, Isnawati, in Banda Aceh, said: ‘The two of them violated Article 25 paragraph (1) of Qanun Aceh Number 6 of 2014 concerning the Jinayat Law [Islamic criminal law], namely the act of conscientiousness.

‘The pair were discovered in the Ule Lee Harbor area of Banda Aceh City, Sumatra, performing the act, reports The Daily Star.

A police officer reportedly saw a parked car swaying before going to check the vehicle and found the couple kissing.

RO was detained at the Lhoknga prison in Aceh Besar, while M was held in custody at the Kajhu detention centre.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, with just under 90% of the population practising the religion.

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