Wagner Chief Explodes At Putin’s Minions Over Moscow Drone Attacks 

Wagner Chief Explodes At Putin's Minions Over Moscow Drone Attacks 

The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group has unleashed an explosive rant of swear words at Vladimir Putin’s cronies after Moscow was attacked by suspected Ukrainian kamikaze drones this morning.

In a furious 70-second diatribe, a relentless Yevgeny Prigozhin shouted vulgar insults at Russia’s defense, describing them as “stinking bastards” and “b******.”

The Wagner boss said he was “deeply outraged” by Putin’s troops doing “f*** all” to stop explosive drones from raining down on the Russian capital this morning. Soon after, Putin claimed that Moscow’s air defense system was operating “satisfactorily.”

Known for his foul-mouthed tirades, Prigozhin, who handed Bakhmut over to the Russian army last week, was translated as yelling, “Smelly bastards! What are you doing? Come out of the offices where you have been posted to protect this country.

“You are the Ministry of Defense. You’ve done f*** all to move on. Why the fuck are you flying these drones to Moscow? Who cares that they fly to your houses on Rublyovka! Let your houses burn.

And what are ordinary people supposed to do when drones with explosives crash into their windows? So, as a citizen, I am deeply outraged that these scums sit quietly with their fat asses smeared with expensive creams.

“And that’s why I think people have every right to ask them these questions, this b******.

“But I have warned many times about this, but no one will listen. Because I’m angry and I’ve upset bureaucrats who have great lives.”

Its astonishing collapse comes after several buildings in Moscow’s affluent suburbs were damaged by suspected Ukrainian kamikaze drones just hours after Putin unleashed another volley of attacks on Kyiv.

The photo showed workers repairing damaged buildings as smoke billowed over the Russian capital in the background.

A misguided Putin and his cronies today accused Ukraine of trying to “scare” the Russians with their “increasingly reckless behavior” after Moscow came under fire.

Seemingly forgetting that Russia has unleashed a series of deadly airstrikes on Ukrainian cities that have killed thousands over the past 15 months, Putin claimed that Kyiv had chosen the “road to frighten the citizens of Russia.”

The ranting Russian despot admitted that there was “some work to be done” on Moscow’s air defense system, as a sign of his growing frustration with the Russian defenses.

“Moscow’s air defense system was operating normally and satisfactorily, although there is still some work to be done,” Putin said on Russian television.

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