We let our kids, 6 and 10, swim in the ocean ALONE and go out at night – we’re teaching them to fend for themselves


A couple have revealed their unique approach to raising their children which includes letting them go out at night and swim at the beach alone.

Sammy and Jason spoke about the ‘lighthouse’ parenting style they’ve adopted for their four kids on Channel Nine program Parental Guidance.

Lighthouse parenting is a watchful but hands-off approach that is supposed to empower children to do things on their own, with their mum or dad only stepping in when needed.

Sammy and Jason explained in front of other parents that their two eldest kids – Pepper, 10, and six-year-old Jude – can go out at night under certain circumstances.

The program shows one instance where mother Sammy tells the pair to go out after dark and pick up dinner from the fish and chip shop down the road.

‘It’s not possible for us to be there all the time so it’s important we teach them to fend for themselves,’ Sammy said in a behind-the-scenes interview.

Pepper and Jude are also able to go for a swim at the beach, which is situated right by the family home, without supervision.

Sammy explained that her and Jason are ‘outnumbered’ as they need to monitor their two youngest children – Rory, three, and Lottie, two – as well.

‘We can’t focus on our attention on each individual kid, which means we have to let the other kids have their own freedom and their own space,’ Sammy continued.

‘So we’re happy for the two older ones to go swimming by themselves.

‘It’s an opportunity for them to showcase how independent they can be, and give them some trust as well.’

The mother-of-four stressed that she didn’t want to ‘scare the kids’, ‘hover over them’ or be so overbearing that they ‘see danger when there is none’.

However, some parents on the show disagreed with Sammy and Jason’s approach, with a few taking particular issue with the couple letting their kids swim alone.

‘I feel ill. Kids at the beach by themselves at that age makes me feel physically ill,’ mother Leanne said.

‘That water can change in an instant and from where you are and where the kids are, they’re gone.’

Sammy conceded that that was ‘something most people aren’t comfortable with’.

‘The thing with our parenting style is the children to be aware of their own limitations,’ she said.

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