Biden slammed over campaign ad brag after disowning granddaughter born to stripper


Joe Biden has been slammed over one of his advertisements during his 2020 campaign, where he bragged that he’ll ‘always answer a call from my grandchildren.’

The president, 80, has disowned one of his granddaughters – who was born after Biden’s son Hunter had a fling with a former stripper named Lunden Roberts.

Biden infamously said earlier this year that he has ‘six grandchildren’ – completely ignoring Arkansas-based Navy Joan Roberts, who is his seventh.

But his adversaries, including people on the left, have called out the President for his contradictory behavior.

The resurfaced clip was posted weeks before the 2020 election, on October 18.

Biden captioned it: ‘I’ve had a rule my entire life: No matter what’s happening, no matter how important the meeting, I’ll always answer a call from my grandchildren.’

In the clip, he was talking to one of his grandchildren about missing them. He says: ‘I miss you too, angel. Okay, I’m heading home now. I’ll call you when I get back to Delaware. I love you baby, bye-bye.’

Hunter’s daughter Navy Joan pictured with her mother Lunden Roberts

But the comment has sparked criticism – as many pointed out that the comment is disingenuous, since he has disowned his granddaughter born to Hunter Biden and Roberts.

The six grandkids that Biden acknowledges are Naomi, 29, Finnegan, 22, Maisy, 21, Beau Jr., 2, Natalie, 18, and Robert ‘Hunter’, 16.

None of the Bidens have met four-year-old Navy Joan, including President Joe Biden, first lady Jill , Hunter and baby Beau Biden, who were photographed together at Tuesday’s Fourth of July celebration

One person wrote on social media in reaction to the clip: ‘Some restrictions may apply, offer not valid in the state of Arkansas.’

Another said: ‘All of them?’ While others added: ‘All of them, or just the six you acknowledge?’

More Twitter users piled in, writing: ‘Does this include your 7th grandkid? Does she deserve a call?’ as well as: ‘Ring ring.. Navy calling. Still no answer pops.’

Biden’s recent critics included CNN anchor Dana Bash, who called the situation: ‘Sad and disturbing on so many levels.’

‘I’ve talked to Democrats who very much love Joe Biden who say that this is kind of devastating to the image of who he is.’

This comes just days after The New York Times printed a blistering op-ed by one of its star columnists slamming Joe Biden for disowning his granddaughter.

Maureen Dowd shared a letter written to Biden by her sister Peggy, a Republican voter who was previously so-charmed by the current-president that she voted for him.

But Dowd said Peggy had been appalled by Biden’s refusal to acknowledge four year-old Navy Joan Roberts, whose mom Lunden got pregnant after a fling with Hunter.

Dowd even suggested the president’s behavior would result in the little girl being bullied at school, as ‘she grows up, knowing that her father and paternal grandparents wanted nothing to do with her.’

‘She will probably be able to see a video or two showing her half-sister Naomi getting married on the South Lawn and you watching the fireworks on the balcony with little Beau. And if she misses that, there will be plenty of schoolmates to remind her that she wasn’t wanted. Kids can be mean that way.’

It comes after Hunter Biden’s baby mama settled their bitter child support suit with the First Son, who promised to meet their out-of-wedlock daughter and play a role in her life.

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