Celebrities who have committed fashion paux with their scandalous wedding ensembles


These celebrities have set tongues wagging (and fingers typing) with their wedding guest outfits.

The latest famous face to draw their ire was Kim Kardashian, 42, who wore a black skin-baring ensemble to the wedding of her friend, Stephanie Shepherd, in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

At the same nuptials, Hailey Bieber also raised eyebrows with a white high-necked gown, which featured a daring back cutout that showed off a hint of side boob.

Hailey Bieber

At the same wedding that Kim attended, the 26-year-old model wore a high-necked gown with a daring cutout that showed off her back and some side boob.

While she looked stunning, some Instagram users took issue with the hue of her dress, which appeared to be white.

‘Why is she wearing white to a wedding??????? (sic)’ one person wrote.

‘To a wedding?’ another said, adding: ‘It’s the bride’s day. Not everyone else seeking attention.’

‘Wearing all white to someone else’s wedding… Classic mean girl,’ a third comment read.

Kylie Jenner

At Hailey’s second wedding to Justin in 2019, the 25-year-old makeup mogul was branded ‘disrespectful’ for wearing an ‘extra’ dress to her friends’ nuptials.

Kylie turned up to the party in an attention-grabbing gold foil dress with a waist-high leg slit and a chest-baring keyhole design.

The head-turning number inspired plenty of oohs and aahs from fans on social media, but it also had people wagging their fingers at the reality star, calling the dress ‘inappropriate’ and accusing Kylie of trying to steal Hailey’s spotlight.

‘You don’t show up to a wedding trying to look better than the bride… just rude,’ one Instagram commenter wrote at the time.

‘She looks fabulous but not for a wedding,’ another wrote.

On Twitter, a critic said: ‘I would be so p***ed if my friend showed up to my wedding in a extra a** gold dress like Kylie lol like wtf.’

‘I feel like u should be… idk… WAY more lowkey than the bride for a wedding that isn’t [yours],’ another added.

‘If Kylie wore that dress to my wedding I’d call the police,’ someone else joked, while one social media user called it ‘disrespectful.’

Kendall Jenner

The 27-year-old reality TV star-turned-model was forced to defend her wedding guest attire after wearing a black dress with cutouts running down her torso.

While the daring wardrobe choice sent the internet up in arms at the time, Kendall revealed she ‘obviously’ got her friend’s ‘approval in advance.’

The model was blasted as ‘rude,’ ‘tacky,’ and ‘disrespectful’ on social media for wearing the incredibly revealing gown to friend Lauren Perez’s seaside wedding in Florida back in November 2021.

The images shocked social media users, who dubbed the dress a ‘F you’ to Kendall’s pal and insisted they would have kicked the star out if she wore it to their wedding.

‘Totally disgusting for a wedding,’ one Twitter user wrote.’

Kendall Jenner really said F you to her best friend on her wedding day,’ another said, while a third added: ‘Wow she must hate the poor bride.

‘It’s not even about “looking better than the bride” it’s just so tacky and awkward to wear at a wedding,’ one more said.

Others called it ’embarrassing,’ ‘bad taste,’ and ‘rude af (as f***),’ slamming her for showing ‘disrespect.’

‘This is so tacky, kinda feels like she wanted more attention than the bride,’ one comment read.

But the bride herself came to Kendall’s defense, responding to a nasty troll: ‘SHE LOOKED STUNNING AND I LOVED IT!’

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex’s choice of a black gown to close friend Misha Nonoo’s 2019 wedding was labeled as ‘shocking.’

Meghan’s $13,500 gown featured sheer puff sleeves and embroidered tulle.

To complement the gown, she wore her dark hair pinned up in a low chiffon bun with loose tendrils curling around her chin, revealing glittering gold earrings.

Her look was certainly stunning, but it was the choice of dress that stole the show – and not for entirely positive reasons.

Stylist Lucas Armitage told FEMAIL at the time that Meghan’s choice to wear black was ‘shocking’, explaining: ‘Wedding guests usually shun black in favor of a more complimentary color to pair with white….

‘Meghan isn’t one for playing by etiquette as we well know but even for her this is fairly shocking.’

It may well be that Meghan was taking style cues from the U.S., where it is seen as being far more acceptable to wear black to a wedding ceremony, particularly if the event takes place in the evening, as Misha and Mikey Hess’s nuptials did.

Olivia Wilde

The Don’t Worry Darling director drew the ire of the internet with her choice of dress for the wedding of Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown back in May.

She poked fun at herself for wearing ‘a wedding dress to a wedding’ on Instagram.

Olivia, 39, looked sensational in a backless white silk gown which cascaded to the floor while attending the nuptials.

The screen star shielded from the sun under a chic white umbrella and rocked a pair of chunky black sunglasses.

Olivia wrote: ‘Wore a wedding dress to a wedding just so I could make a joke about it in my toast.’

After giving her toast, the star shared a second picture hugging the two dapper happy groomsmen.

She added: ‘The grooms approved.’

But as soon as the photos hit the internet, people had a lot to say.

‘Who wears a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding,’ one person wrote.

‘[I don’t give a f***] who it is literally why would u wear a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding…like I’d be highkey mad if someone did this on my wedding day,’ another added.

A third person accused her of having ‘pick me’ energy.

‘Her weird need to be the centre (sic) of attention no matter what needs to be studied,’ someone else said.

Ariana Grande

The 30-year-old songstress wore a custom Vera Wang look that featured a black lamé sculpted bra top and skirt for brother Frankie’s wedding to Hale Leon.

Ariana’s skirt had a ‘high slit accent worn over a black lamé mini skirt,’ according to the luxury label who tweeted about it at the time of the wedding in May 2022.

While many agreed she looked ‘beautiful,’ others believed it was ‘not appropriate for a wedding.’

‘To a wedding???? Gees, where’s the class?? (sic)’ one person wrote.

‘Pay attention to me. That’s all that says,’ another added.

A third comment read: ‘To a wedding? Tacky.’

‘Nothing like making someone else’s wedding all about you,’ someone else wrote.

Nikki Haley

The Republican presidential hopeful addressed backlash after she was seen wearing what appeared to be a white dress to her daughter’s wedding.

Mother-of-the-bride Nikki, 51, caused quite a stir on social media back in April after she shared a snapshot from Rena’s big day.

And, despite many followers offering their congratulations to the young couple, dozens rushed to criticize her for her outfit choice.

The Republican presidential hopeful (second left) addressed backlash after she was seen wearing what appeared to be a white dress to her daughter’s wedding

But Nikki hit back at the discussion and insisted that her dress was actually gold.

Following the online debate, she took to Twitter with a screenshot of an email from a reporter at a media outlet, requesting comment over the now infamous dress.

It politely asked whether she and her daughter had discussed her dress choice previously and whether she wanted to comment on the backlash that ensued online.

But the politician took to Twitter to make her feelings known.

She wrote: ‘This is why people don’t trust the media.

‘Liberal “journalists” spend their time harassing conservatives about outfit choices. Grow up, @Newsweek.’

Nikki then added: ‘P.S. The dress was gold.’In the snapshots, Nikki can be seen wearing a floor-length, sleeveless dress that appears to be white.

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts – and paid particularly close attention to the mother-of-the-bride’s choice of outfit.

One questioned: ‘Which woman in a white dress is getting married here?’

Another added: ‘Which is the bride? You can’t tell by this photo…’

And a third asked: ‘Did the mother of the bride wear WHITE?’

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