‘I’m going to be the Bachelorette!’ Kim Kardashian pranks her family


The Kardashians are no stranger to pranks, with Kim Kardashian pulling off a new one at the expense of her stunned family on this week’s The Kardashians.

The episode winds down with the family gathering in Palm Springs for the Thanksgiving holiday, which Kim, 42, using the moment to pull one over on her unsuspecting family.

The whole family was gathered when a rather giddy Kim – who made headlines for partying in Italy with SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher – revealed to her family that she was going to star on ABC’s The Bachelorette.

The news clearly stunned her family – particularly Kris Jenner – though Kim even enlisted the help of an ABC executive to convince her family.

Still, Kim couldn’t keep the secret any longer, revealing to her family shortly thereafter that it was all a prank.

Kim smiles and stands up with some, ‘very important news,’ as someone guesses she’s pregnant but she dismisses that by stating, ‘No, by who? The 500 people I’m dating?

‘I gotta stand up for this one. K, so… I’m so excited. OK, so… an executive from Disney called me, Rob Mills.

‘You know these people but they wanted to call me directly and I was going to connect them with you once I decided if I was going to do it or not. I’m gonna do the show The Bachelorette!’ Kim says, as Kylie immediately says, ‘Stop your lying.

‘The whole family looks stunned, as Kylie asks, ‘You’re going to do The Bachelorette?’ and Khloe dismisses it saying, ‘Kim, 100% you’re not doing it,’ and Kourtney adds, ‘There’s no way you’re doing The Bachelorette.’

Phone: Kris adds in confession, ‘No, not happening. No. I’m your momager, manager, mother, I’ll put any hat on that you want, but you’re not doing this’

Kris adds in confession, ‘No, not happening. No. I’m your momager, manager, mother, I’ll put any hat on that you want, but you’re not doing this.’

Kim tells them, ‘They’re gonna do it in Malibu, that is so close by,’ but Khloe says, ‘You’re gonna be stuck in a house with 20 strange men. Are you OK?’

Kris asks, ‘What kind of budget do you guys have for Kim?’ Rob adds that would be ‘subject to negotiation,’ adding they would need to work with her.

Kris says, ‘I would need to wrap my head around something like this because this isn’t exactly the space I saw Kim in and she does have four kids and a big busy life,’ though Rob adds, ‘the story is so great.’

Kris admits in confession that she watches and loves the show, but, ‘did I want my daughter on the show? Oh hell no!’Khloe adds in confession, ‘The Bachelorette is an amazing show.

‘My mom and Kendall are literally the biggest fans of The Bachelor. Every Monday we can’t talk to them, I get it. But I can’t imagine her being herself on that show.’

Rob tells Kris, ‘I think that somebody who has put everybody first and now is looking for this guy is what’s going to make this really special,’ before they disconnect the call… though Khloe notices something.

A producer says, ‘It’s been years, Kris,’ while Kim tells her family, ‘The look on all of your faces was like…

‘It’s times like this that I feel really blessed to have an amazing family, and being here watching my kids have so much fun, makes me really happy,’ Kris says in confession.

Kim jokes, ‘I’m too busy with my singing career, doing a Christmas album. Who has time for the Bachelorette,’ as the episode comes to an end.’

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