Katie Price shows off results of ‘new face’ after more cosmetic enhancements


Katie Price has revealed her new look after having cosmetic enhancements to her face.

The television star recently went under the knife again for a nose job which she revealed on TikTok, just days after her mum Amy claimed she was suffering from ‘body dysmorphia’.

Katie, 45, has made her love of plastic surgery no secret and last year had her 16th breast enhancement even though medical staff feared it ‘could kill her’.

Fresh from her latest outing, Katie removed her nose bandages in order to have filler injected into her plump lips.

In view of her Instagram followers, the Pricey could be seen not only having her lips enhanced but also having filler injected into her cheeks.

Addressing her fans, she said: ‘Oh my God, I’ve just had my anti-wrinkles done, my new lips done. I’ve got my new nose, I’m feeling refreshed. Not bad for 45, ey?!’ before going on to add the beautician who administered the treatment had done a ‘good job,’ while adding: ‘I LOVE it.’

But just after having surgery on her nose, mum-of-five Katie went on to say that there was nothing at all wrong with it.

Speaking on her podcast, The Katie Price Show, she said of her nose: ‘There was nothing wrong with it. But, years ago when I had it done I had it shaved – I broke my nail as well because I didn’t want to take my nails off – anyway, years ago when I had it done they shaved it, and it didn’t need doing then.

‘It was just because I was under having my boobs done at the time that I said, ”Have a go at my nose.”

‘But this time, the real reason why I did it is because when I went to Turkey last, a couple of years ago I think it was, there is a new thing called ”lip lift”, like a bullhorn lift, where they cut under your nose and instead of having your lips done it lifts your lips.

‘But they bodged it up, because the scar was bad and he nipped it. So, I wanted it re-done because I thought it made my nose wonky. My nose looked weird since he’d done it. So I actually had it broken. I’ve never had it broken.

‘I said, ”Make my nose look pretty”, so I don’t know what it looks like and I don’t know what to expect.’

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