Snoop Dogg donates $10,000 to help a 93-year-old great-grandmother save her home


Snoop Dogg has kindly donated $10,000 (£7,800) to try and help a 93-year-old woman protect her family’s land.

Josephine Wright, a great-grandmother from South Carolina, set up a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise money to help with her legal battle against land developers.

Her family have owned the home in Hilton Head Island since the American Civil War era.

The 93-year-old was sued by development group Bailey Point Investment LLC, who claimed several structures on her land were on their property.

The investment group is hoping to construct 147 new homes on Hilton Head Island where Josephine lives.

Bailey Point Investment LLC reportedly offered Josephine $30,000 (£23,400) for her land, but she refused.

She has since filed a countersuit against the development group, who she accused of ‘harassment and intimidation’.

In a statement to CNN, Snoop Dogg explained why he decided to help.

‘I did it from the heart. She reminds me of my mother and grandmother,’ he said.

According to the publication, Josephine filed her countersuit as she accused Bailey Point Investment LLC of employing a ‘constant barrage of tactics of intimidation, harassment, trespass, to include this litigation in an effort to force her to sell her property.’.

Snoop Dogg isn’t the only celebrity who has been moved by Josephine’s story. Filmmaker Tyler Perry has been a vocal supporter of the great-grandmother.

The 53-year-old billionaire took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the situation.

Her family have owned the land for years

Tyler wrote: ‘I’ve pretty much been a fighter all my life’ said 93-year-old Josephine Wright. Well, that makes two of us. Ms. Wright, please tell where to show up and what you need to help you fight.’

Podcast host Writer Whitney Alese also took to Twitter to bring attention to Josephine’s situation, explaining that the woman’s family has owned the land ‘since the end of enslavement’ with the home having ‘generations of family history’.

Whitney added that the home has been a ‘gathering spot for her seven children, 40 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren & 16 great-great-grandchildren for over 30 years.’

Josephine and her family are hoping to raise a total of $350,000 (£270,000) and have so far raised $279,217 (£218,127).

Speaking about the legal battle, Josephine has described it as ‘frivolous’.

In an interview with WSAV-TV she said the investment company got approval from the town to develop 29 acres of land behind her home.

The investment company then offered to buy her property but she turned them down, which is what sparked the lawsuit so that Bailey Point can buy her land.

Josephine also explained how the property and subsequent land has been in her family since 1861, which is when the Civil War began.

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