Video: Uniport VC Asks His Aides To Take Details Of A Student Who Was Indecently Dressed

Video: Uniport VC Asks His Aides To Take Details Of A Student Who Was Indecently Dressed

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), Owunari Georgewill, has sparked mixed reactions online after insisting on dismissing a female student of the school over indecent dressing.

In a video sighted online, the VC was seen addressing the student about her choice of dress.

Georgewill asked the female student if she is comfortable in her indecent outfit, stressing that she is obviously naked in the outfit.

The student in response defended herself, saying she is not naked and was comfortable in the outfit.

The response infuriated the VC who asked school officials to collect her details including her matriculation number as he would dismiss her from the school.

According to him, such people with indecent outfits are not needed in school.

However, some netizens reacted to the video commending the VC while others frowned at him saying it is a university and not a secondary school.

djjace wrote: “But Nigeria universities need to understand it’s not PRIMARY OR SECONDARY SCHOOL… it’s University for a reason”

Bigchris wrote: “I would like to admit my own fault on the issue, the school has rules and regulations. I personally dress like that because I am a fashion influencer but that doesn’t change that I am also a student and should respect the rules and regulations. I didn’t even know it was the VC at first and that’s why I said I was comfortable with what I was wearing. But the VC was nice enough to let me go, we settled everything and he let me go with a smile on his face”

tobycampbell wrote: “You can’t just dismiss her for indecent dressing, it’s called University for a reason #nooffence”

mariancharles wrote: “You can imagine the response. We’re not in the Western part of the world. Give to Creaser what belongs to him. Each school has a code of dress, respect it or go to another school. Dress properly, when you reach ya house, you dress as you like”

kayceeomoba wrote: “Power-drug men and women roaming school Campuses as lecturers and VCs. Mr. VC mind your business and keep going, she’s an adult and can dress as she had done, she’s not indecently exposed”

adeyanjuj wrote: “People will see the truth and still neglect it …… There is nothing wrong in correcting her for almost dressing naked, what is not allowed should be abide by. This is very simple, just follow the rules and regulations of your school”

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