Disney SPARKS outrage as it partners with trans TikTok influencer Seann Altman who is seen dressing in Minnie Mouse-themed frock


Seann Altman demonstrated how to dress up like Minnie Mouse as part of a partnership with Walt Disney.

The move has thus divided some on social media who were quick to draw comparisons to Bud Light’s disastrous March Madness marketing campaign.

Altman promotes Disney

Disney has partnered with TikTok influencer Seann Altman to promote clothing for girls in a move that immediately drew comparisons to Bud Light’s disastrous partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

Altmann, who identifies as gender fluid but uses he/him pronouns, donned a red dress as he demonstrated to fans of Minnie Mouse how they can look like the iconic children’s character, in a TikTok promotion for Disney Style.

‘I look just like Minnie Mouse!’ he said after layering white lacy gloves, red lipstick and a bow. ‘Now I’m fashionable, bold and fun.’

Altmann’s clip divided some on social media who were quick to compare it to Mulvaney’s collaboration with the beer giant, which sparked a boycott that wiped more than $27 billion off the brand’s market value.

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The move also came not long before Walt Disney reported a rare but large loss in its second quarter filings on Wednesday, as the woke brand lost a staggering $460 million while visits to Disney World slowed.

The promotion for Disney Style, which advertises clothing and accessories from the Disney range, saw Altman begin by saying he would ‘look at the most iconic friend group’ and delve into the Mickey Mouse family.

He said he opted to dress up like Minnie Mouse because the character was ‘the most like me,’ adding that he even had ‘the perfect dress to start the look.

‘After donning the red dress that was ‘just like Minnie’, the social media star paired it with a large white lacy necklace ‘just to give it a little more flair.’

He then added a large white petticoat, white lacy gloves, a belt and a watch, before saying it was time to be ‘as bold as Minnie’ and applying red lipstick.

Altman continued building the costume with black tights and yellow shoes, and completed the look with a big red bow – which he felt was ‘the biggest fashion statement.’

‘I literally look like Minnie Mouse,’ he said with a twirl. ‘And I fit in perfectly with Mickey and his friends.

‘The bow, with the dress and the shoes really seal the deal, now I’m fashionable, bold and fun just like Minnie Mouse.’

The move from Disney to push the promotion sparked some backlash online, with some questioning whether Altman was the correct choice to market children’s costumes while others felt the brand was caving to woke pressure.

The criticisms come at a vulnerable time for the iconic brand, which reported a shocking $460 million loss in its second-quarter filings on Wednesday.

Amid its bitter feud with Florida Governor and 2024 presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis, Disney saw visits to Disney World slow while the number of subscribers to its streaming platform fell 7.4 percent.

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