Hilarious moment at safari park WHEN animals lean in through car window to grab a snack

  • In the clip, she was seen trying to dissuade the animals away and rolling the windows up

A woman had a hilariously animated reaction to animals poking their heads through her car at a safari park as they reached out to snag some treats.

Michaela Miller, 18, from Ohio, shrieked as an ostrich and bison tried to get some grub during the trip to Farm Walnut Creek with her boyfriend Toby Tatka, 18, last month.

Ostrich taking snacks

Her visibly distressed reactions – captured on video – show a terrified Michaela lean away from the window as she offers the eager creatures a snack.

In the clips, she can also be seen trying to dissuade the animals away and rolling the windows up, clearly unnerved by their keen appetites.

Manic laughter can be heard as her boyfriend encourages her to try and pet one of the bison – which she hesitantly does.

‘We were going through a drive-through safari and all the animals were sticking their heads into the car,’ she said.

‘I couldn’t put the bucket outside of the car or else they would try and steal it.’

Michaela added that she didn’t ‘expect the animals to go crazy over the food at all’.

Michaela’s reactions

The scariest part for her was the ostrich, which aggressively roamed its long neck through the car window and aggressively pecked at the food.

‘It looked like a starving dinosaur,’ she said.

The teenager added that although nobody was hurt, their vehicle didn’t fare as well as they did.

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‘No one was injured and neither were the animals,’ Michaela said.

‘The car left with a few scratches down the side, food all over the inside, and slobber everywhere.’

It comes weeks after a grandmother’s hilariously frightened reaction to animals in a drive-through safari sparked joy across the internet.

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