Hunter Biden’s stripper ex Allie Kennedy TELLS ALL

  • Kennedy, 35, described Hunter as a little boy lost who was his father’s ‘whipping boy’
  • She allegedly tried to keep the First Son off drugs, but said he devolved into a ‘secret life’ of debauchery with prostitutes and crack cocaine
  • Texts on the abandoned laptop show the two sent each other naked pictures. She referred to having ‘licked lots of places’ on Hunter’s body

A former stripper who became Hunter Biden’s best pal and lover has revealed the First Son’s obsession with all-over spray tans, his frantic final weeks before getting sober and his relentless pursuit of his father Joe’s approval.

Allie Kennedy’s revelations include new details of how Hunter craved his father’s love and attention and how he always felt second-best to his older brother Beau.

And when Beau died of cancer in 2015 Hunter went into a self-destructive spiral which led to the years of embarrassing headlines of shady business dealings, heavy drug use and sex with prostitutes that have dogged Joe Biden‘s presidency.

Speaking to last Monday, Kennedy, 35, described Hunter as a little boy lost who was his father’s ‘whipping boy’.

‘I truly think that he’s been lost since he was a little boy,’ she said. ‘He’d say that he was the black sheep and he’d always been second to Beau. ‘Beau is the hero, the white knight.’

Hunter’s a soft person and when his brother died, I think everything fell apart for him,’ Kennedy said.

‘I’ve had very deep conversations with him,’ she added. ‘He’s kind of the whipping boy of the family. I don’t think that the man was ever properly loved by his parents.

‘I think for his father’s approval, he would do anything. I think that’s how he was stupid enough to get tied into that Russia, China, Ukraine business. He just wanted his father’s approval and love.’

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She said Hunter never discussed his overseas business dealings with her – but was generous spending the proceeds.

‘I saw him hand out money like it was nothing. We would be driving down the street in Los Angeles and he would pull over and give a homeless man $100.’

Heavily tattooed Kennedy has modeled, appeared on the cover of Inked Magazine and was a ‘featured patient’ for Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein, husband of Real Housewives star Lisa Hochstein.

Now a New York esthetician who specializes in spray tans, she said she met Hunter in 2017 when she was working as a stripper in Manhattan.

She says they met after she got a call from a girlfriend, saying a rich man was offering $500 to get a spray tan in his hotel room.

She jumped at the chance for the big tip, on a job for which she usually charged $60.

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‘He needed a spray tan at like nine o’clock at night. Now we know he was probably cracked out,’ she said.

‘I show up and it’s three girls in his room. I guess he was living in the hotel at this point.

‘I did the spray tan, he tipped me $500. And then he gave me an extra $300 to do the other girls. I was like, oh my god, I just made $800 in 20 minutes. Of course I took his card.’

She said he was charming and friendly – but showed one giant ‘red flag’ from that first meeting.

‘He was like, do you smoke? I was like hell yeah I smoke,’ she said. ‘We go out onto the balcony and I expect him to pull out pot, and this motherf***er pulls out a crack pipe. I was like wait a minute no I don’t smoke that.

‘But I don’t judge people. I danced in Manhattan for 10 years, I’ve seen it all.

‘I thought it was a party thing. I didn’t know he was addicted until a month into our friendship when I realized, wait a second, are you always on crack?’

She said the drugged-up President’s son messed up his first tan that night and paid $500 again for another the next day, then started taking her out to dinners, including at STK steakhouse in Manhattan.

‘We just became friends. Anytime that he was in town, he would call me up, I’d spray tan him and then we would go to dinners,’ she said.

‘I never noticed anything weird. He did a very good job of presenting himself to be a decent human.’

Though she enjoyed his generosity, Kennedy was perturbed by his relationship with Hallie, the widow of former Delaware Attorney General Beau.

She said Hallie, 50, smoked crack with Hunter and got nude spray tans from Kennedy together and joined them at dinners.

‘One night he left me and Hallie at the table together at dinner,’ Kennedy told

‘She slid next to me and said “I know it looks weird. You’re probably judging me. But I never cheated on my husband.”‘

Kennedy told how she tried to keep the First Son off drugs, but said he devolved into a ‘secret life’ of debauchery with prostitutes and crack cocaine.

She said Hunter was ‘obsessed’ with the drug, even claiming that its purity made it ‘healthy’.

‘He would talk about how crack was the greatest drug, more pure than cocaine.

‘He’d say it’s not a poor man’s drug and he’d give me all these crazy facts about crack. He really loves crack. It’s kind of weird.’

‘He’d say actually, it’s the purest form. It’s way healthier for you than cocaine. I was like, listen to that sentence Hunter. Stop talking.’

Kennedy was friends with Hunter for two years from 2017 to 2019 but then he dropped her just as his father Joe was starting his run for the presidency.

The mother and ex-magazine model, said that despite lying to her, trying to take back money he gave her and attempting to swear her to silence, she still has a soft spot for Hunter, 53, and argued for more compassion for addicts.

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Records on Hunter’s laptop show 13 payments to Kennedy totaling $18,600, from January 2018 to January 2019, as well as tickets flying her from Los Angeles to New York first class.

Kennedy said she and Hunter were very close, and that their relationship was mostly platonic besides a one night stand in Los Angeles towards the end of their friendship.

Texts on the abandoned laptop show the two sent each other naked pictures. She referred to having ‘licked lots of places’ on Hunter’s body and she facetimed him in the shower.

‘I flirted with him regularly to keep his attention and keep him closer so he wasn’t going out with girls from the club who had bad intentions, taking pictures of him passed out,’ she told

‘But he knew I was all talk. That’s probably the one thing that kept him trailing me for so long.’

Kennedy said she introduced Hunter to her then friend Zoe Kestan, but that Kestan, 29, ‘used’ him, hoping he would become her ‘sugar daddy’, and instead of helping keep him sober she ‘enabled’ him on another drug binge in Los Angeles in 2018.

The story allegedly differs from lingerie designer Kestan’s testimony to a grand jury in Hunter’s criminal tax probe.

Kestan, who uses the username ‘weed_slut_420’ on her social media, reportedly told the grand jury she urged Hunter to get off drugs, after spending time with him at top hotels such as the Four Seasons and Mercer in Manhattan and the Hollywood Roosevelt and Chateau Marmont in LA, seeing his lavish spending and debauched activities.

The esthetician said Hunter apologized profusely for lying to her about his drug use, and they patched up their friendship.

For months she believed he was on the straight and narrow, until she caught him using again at a party.

‘On my best friend’s birthday, we were all getting ready, doing our makeup,’ she said.

‘Hunter was in the bathroom with the door closed, and I could smell the disgusting smell. You’ll never forget that smell.

‘I knocked on the door. He said “I’ll be right out,” and then I heard him scuffling around.

‘I went to the desk drawer and saw the pens were gone, and I knew immediately what he was doing. He used to take pens apart and use them to smoke crack.

‘So I kicked the door open and smacked him across his face as hard as I could.‘I cried, I was like how could you do this to me? And I walked out. Apparently a couple days later he went to rehab again.’

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Kennedy said that in late 2018 Hunter started frequently acting panicked, and told her secrets about him were going to be revealed in the media.

‘Towards the end of our friendship in late 2018, early 2019, every time I talked to him he was in some kind of a panic about something that was going to come out in the media,’ Kennedy said.

He was also under increasing financial stress, even resorting to asking his friend for $1,000 one day when his bank account was empty. Kennedy refused to give him money.

She said the last time she saw him was around April 2019, in Philadelphia – the month before he met and married South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen.

‘He drove his dad’s truck to come see me,’ she said. ‘He said he had to take me to dinner and he had to tell me something. He was acting erratic. I knew that he was back on drugs again.

‘He comes to dinner, his daughter was there. He was running in and out, sweating profusely, on his phone the whole time and panicky.

‘That conversation was kind of like him saying, this is the last time you’re gonna hear from me because my dad’s gonna be the president.

‘He just begged that I didn’t try to go to the media and say bad things about him. Then I never heard from him again.

‘Around the same time, Hunter abandoned his laptop at a Delaware computer repair store. It eventually ended up in the media’s hands in September 2020.

Kennedy said that when she saw photos of herself from the laptop circulating online, posing with Hunter’s prostitutes, she was upset that he didn’t publicly defend her.

‘That was in 2019. And here we are in 2023 and he hasn’t said a damn word. No apologies. Nothing,’ she said.

‘For him to not even try to protect me a little bit, what a scumbag!’

But Kennedy added that she ‘forgives’ Hunter for lying about his addiction – and said that the alleged corruption and shady foreign dealings on the First Son’s laptop deserve more attention than his drug use.

‘After seeing the things I saw on the laptop, I’m like, why did I vouch for you? What a shady dude,’ she said.

‘But I just want him to know that I forgive him. I still have compassion for him. We need to be more kind and gentle when it comes to addicts.

‘I think he’s had a hard life. At his core he is a soft and very easily manipulated person. He’s been used by his father. I think it hurts his heart because he knows that, and that’s why he’s so self-destructive.’

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