Liam Payne says being in One Direction LEFT ‘scars on him’

  • The singer opened up about the realities of becoming famous so young without knowing what fame actually means

Liam Payne has said that being in One Direction left ‘scars on him’ as he candidly discussed his mental health and ‘low moments’ in a new interview.

The band, which also includes Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson have been on indefinite hiatus since 2016.

The singer, 29, auditioned for the The X Factor in 2010 when he was placed in the group and has now admitted that he ‘didn’t realise what he signed up for.’ Speaking on Colombia’s W Radio, Liam said that despite being in his ‘worst place’ he has ‘a lot of gratitude’ for his ‘great life’ and job.

He explained: ‘I don’t really know if I knew what I signed up for when I started and I’ve been doing my job since I was 14 years old.’

Liam added: ‘I’ve been very lucky to hold the job for that long which is great but I do think it definitely left scars on me.

‘You have to unpack a lot of stuff before you start this job. I wouldn’t change a thing now that I am where I am, I’ve kind of made my own sense of why I ended up at this place.

‘It definitely gave me something to say and if I can help anybody out in my position, not so much on the fame side but the things that happened to me before and kind of stop that from happening to somebody else, that would be my life’s dream.

‘It’s a great life and I have a lot of gratitude but there were definitely low moments that I’ll never minimise.

‘It’s just about having the right people around you at the right time and I was lucky to have people to watch my back when I was at my worst place and help me get the help that I need and not everybody is that lucky.

‘So, I’m double grateful to be on the other side of it now and to have something to say and like I said, it might change somebody’s life.’

Earlier this year, Liam opened up about his mental health and revealed doctors diagnosed him with ‘a couple of conditions’ after he spent some time in a wellness clinic in the US last year after hitting ‘rock bottom’.

The singer shared candid Instagram post to his Story in which he said he was having a tough day and family and friends could see he was still struggling.

Liam described ‘manic’ instances in his life and his difficulty in staying sober during ‘super low’ moments.

In the clip he admitted to having filmed the video numerous times before deleting it, before finally deciding this was the right time to share his story with his fans.

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