Meghan Markle’s Friend Follows Duchess Of Sussex’s Reported Instagram Account

Meghan Markle's Friend Follows Duchess Of Sussex's Reported Instagram Account

Meghan Markle is reported to have returned to social media with her first personal account since she closed her blog and related Instagram and Twitter accounts before her marriage to Prince Harry. 

In perhaps the clearest indication that the rumours are true, the Duchess’ friend, Mandana Dayani, who used to work with Meghan and even appeared in the couple’s Netflix series, is following her alleged account. 

Author and activist Malala Yousafzai, who joined Harry and Meghan for a virtual chat in honour of International Day of the Girl back in 2020, is also a follower. 

Earlier this month, the public account, which has the minimalist handle @meghan, amassed a huge following, growing from around 3000 to over 95,000. 

While no images have yet been shared, it is expected that the Duchess will be able to command an impressive figure for sponsored posts, should she wish. It would also be an excellent platform to inform people about her and Harry’s charitable endeavours and upcoming projects.

 Whether the account actually belongs to Meghan or not has not been confirmed, however, in an interview with The Cut in August of 2022, she told the American online outlet: “Do you want to know a secret? I’m getting back…on Instagram.” 

The account has been active for around a year and was reportedly created just before she launched her now-defunct podcast, Archetypes. Alongside her active Instagram during her Suits heyday, Meghan was a prolific blogger on her travel and lifestyle site The Tig, which also housed plenty of stunning sartorial inspiration. 

When joining the royal family, she closed her personal account (@meghanmarkle) and initially shared the handle @kensingtonroyal with Prince Harry, and the then-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate. 

In 2019, around the time their son Archie was born, Meghan and Harry launched their @sussexroyal page, which was then shut down around a year later when they stepped back from their duties as senior working royals.

While the Prince and Princess of Wales have now joined the King and Queen at Balmoral for their summer break, it’s believed that the Sussexes won’t be making an appearance. 

While many could believe that it is due to the royal rift within the family since Prince Harry’s departure from the UK, his tell-all Netflix docuseries and his explosive memoir, Spare, there could be another reason behind the decision. 

Prince Archie attends pre-school in the US, near their Montecito mansion, and unlike the UK, the term times in the US tend to commence in August, so there’s a possibility that their son is already back at school. 

For Archie’s cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, however, school won’t be starting until early September, meaning they have a couple more weeks of summer to enjoy. 

While the family have had many summers together in Scotland, for Prince Harry, the sprawling Balmoral estate also evokes “complicated memories” from the past.

He previously revealed that visiting was difficult because it was the residence where he and his brother received the tragic news of their mother, Princess Diana’s death from a car crash in August 1997.

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