Megyn Kelly slams Kim Kardashian for taking GLAM SQUAD to DMV

  • It’s not the first time Kim has been called out by Kelly, last year labelling her ‘narcissistic’ after she was booed at the Los Angeles Rams game

Megyn Kelly has slammed Kim Kardashian after watching a clip of the reality star at a DMV dithering over her license photo with her glam squad.

Why Kelly can’t stand Kim?

The talk show host says she objects on ‘so many levels’ to Kim’s ‘vapid vanity’ after the clip showed the team critiquing the first picture before taking another.

‘I can’t stand her for all sorts of reasons. It’s not personal, I don’t think she’s evil, I just hate what she represents,’ Kelly told her viewers at the top of the segment.

The former Fox host branded the latest clip from ‘The Kardashians‘ showed that all Kim cares about is her appearance.

‘Even her billion dollar brand is all about sucking in your fat so you can look better,’ Kelly said.

Jason Whitlock from BlazeTV, a guest on The Megyn Kelly Show, appeared equally unimpressed.

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He said while the 42-year-old is a ‘beautiful woman’, the traits she holds on the inside are ‘unattractive’.

Is Kim really unattractive?

She entered the empty DMV office, seemingly coming in after closing time, as she tells the employees, ‘Hi thank you guys for staying open’.

‘Wait until I’m not smiling,’ Kim is heard telling the clerk as she readied herself for the first photo.

The DMV worker snapped a picture – but the first image wasn’t good enough.

‘Come on guys we all need to approve this,’ she says with her team, who agreed she needed another take.

While certain the second photo looks identical to the first, they settle on picture taken during round two.

‘We trusted our instincts. First is the worst, second is the best,’ Kim says.

Kelly appeared lost for words after watching the clip.

Elsewhere in the episode, when asked by producers what they’re doing today, hairstylist Chris Appleton says, ‘Today we are out with Kim and we are getting her driving license picture ready.

‘But it’s a big deal because you have to live with it for a long time.’

It’s not the first time Kim has been called out by Kelly, last year labelling her ‘narcissistic’ after she was booed at the Los Angeles Rams game.

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