Slotherhouse trailer: A ‘killer sloth’ is ON THE LOOSE inside sorority

  • Horror fans on social media have been left bewildered yet amused by the premise of a new comedy horror titled Slotherhouse
  • The film centers around an adopted sloth who terrorizes girls at the Sigma Lambda Theta house, and is set to hit theaters on August 30th

Horror movie fans on social media have been left bewildered yet amused by the premise of a new comedy horror titled Slotherhouse.

However, when dead bodies start appearing in the Sigma Lambda Theta house, Emily and her housemates start to suspect that their new furry friend might the perpetrator.

Though quite an unusual choice for a killer, the promotion takes into account the implausible idea of a slow and lazy sloth killer, with the film’s official tagline reading: ‘Don’t rush, die slow.’

The premise of the film has predictably left people cracking up, with one commentator joking, ‘There’s a writer strike? I couldn’t tell’ in reference to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

The film’s trailer, which was released on Wednesday, starts out with a girl inside of a bathroom, when she suddenly notices the shower curtain move.

After she goes to inspect the shower, she discovers the sloth and proceeds to scream. The sloth, holding a pink loofah in one claw, then slashes her face.

The next scene shows Lily as she sees Alpha on her phone for the first time.’So cute, what is that?’ she asks.

‘That’s a sloth. If you’re interested, I can sell you that one,’ a man replies, as the audience is shown how Alpha is brutally captured by hunters.

In the next scene Lily is seen bringing her new companion into the sorority while a voice tells viewers, ‘In the jungle she’s a beta, but out here she’s an Alpha.’

Meanwhile a friend warns Lily about her lack of knowledge when it comes to the care of exotic animals: ‘It is a wild animal, you don’t even know what it eats.’

After seeing the trailer many were left bemused, with one commentator writing, ‘And you thought Jason and Michael Myers took their time…’

‘If a sloth manages to catch you, you probably deserve it,’ another added.

Others compared the film to latest box office hits Barbie and Oppenheimer, writing, ‘Forget Barbie or Oppenheimer, Slotherhouse for movie of the year!’

‘Slotherhouse looks like Cocaine Bear, with a sloth.’ ‘I have NO idea wat I just saw lol,’ someone else chimed in confused.

Others commanded the catchy title, writing, ‘You had me at Slotherhouse.’

‘I know nothing about this flick, but SLOTHERHOUSE might be the greatest movie title ever,’ another added.

‘It’s worth it for the name alone… I mean c’mon man. Slotherhouse! – some drunk guy pitching this movie on an elevator.’

The horror comedy flick is set to hit theaters on August 30th.

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