Trader Joe’s Customer Eats Dead FROG That Was Inside Bagged Salad

Trader Joe's Customer Eats Dead FROG That Was Inside Bagged Salad

A Shopper has reportedly learned the hard way what it means to have a frog in her throat.

The unfortunate Pennsylvanian claimed she bit into a dead frog that somehow made its way into her prepared salad from Trader Joe’s.

The unsuspecting woman, Jackelyn, noticed that the popular grocery chain’s Lemony Arugula Basil kit tasted a bit odd and said she reflexively spat out her mouthful of food.

To her horror, she claimed she had, in fact, almost eaten a dead frog.

Jackelyn said she called the Trader Joe’s customer service hotline, but said it was a Friday evening and most of the staff were “leaving for the weekend.”

Now, Jackelyn is hopping mad.

“I’m done,” she told The Daily Mail. “I will never eat anything from Trader Joe’s again.”

Jackelyn said she left the frog in the salad bag and put it in the fridge in case she needed “evidence” for her complaint.

Despite this one major oversight, Trader Joe’s is still one of the most beloved grocery stores in the country.

Recently, fans of the chain were thrilled by the return of the Salsa Verde Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips.

“On two separate occasions, I bought a bag of them and ate the whole bag in one sitting,” wrote one enthusiastic review. “These chips are so good yet so dangerous because I can’t help but say ‘just one more’ over and over again.”

Similarly, shoppers have also delighted in Trader Joe’s selection of cool summer treats.

In particular, the Tangerine Cream Bars have been a hit.

“Don’t walk, RUN,” a Trader Joe’s fan account wrote next to a picture of a freezer filled with the bars.

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