Watch: Moment Raging Bull Tramples And Gores Teenager Around Spanish Street

Watch: Moment Raging Bull Tramples And Gores Teenager Around Spanish Street

This is the terrifying moment a raging bull stampeded through a narrow Spanish street and gorged a defenceless teenager.

Footage from a bull run in Castalla, Alicante Province shows the 19-year-old trying to escape the huge beast as it chases a group of people. The young man falls down at the back of the runners and is knocked back up against a building wall as the animal closes in on him.

He is subsequently tossed in the air by the animal’s horns and flung over to the other side of the terraced street. The bull continues to relentlessly charge at the victim as he holds his arms up to try and protect himself.

The short video clip at night shows groups of onlookers screaming and shouting at the bull to try and distract it – but to no avail. At moments the teenager appears lifeless as he is knocked around the road by the giant horns.

However, he eventually manages to escape the nightmarish scenario by staggering into a doorway and finds protection behind a grille. The disturbing footage was taken during the five-day Fiestas de Vaca – or Cow Festivities – in honour of San Roque (Saint Roch), which began on August 12.

The incident was first shown on local media on August 16, reports MailOnline, and it is understood that the teenager was rushed to hospital but in a stable condition. He was treated for four horn gashes and multiple bruises.

Local official Jose Rico said: “It’s as if a train ran over him, but the wounds are minor and the boy is in better condition than expected.” While Spanish animal welfare party PACMA posted a condemnation of the event on X (formerly Twitter).

It read: “Bous al carrer’ [bulls in the street] events not only cause stress for the bulls but also pose a danger to people. This 19-year-old man has been hospitalised with four horn gashes in Castalla (Alicante) after being charged by a bull.

“If these festivities cease to exist, we will spare ourselves from these tragedies.”

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