Who is Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend? All Aubrey Paige’s secret details

Who is Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend? All Aubrey Paige's secret details

Most people are always looking for that stepping stone to the next level, and it often comes in the form of various opportunities. It was becoming known as Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend for Aubrey Paige. Only a few people had heard or known anything about her before she started dating a popular television personality, and she has not taken the opportunity lightly. 

Who is Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend? All Aubrey Paige's secret details

Aubrey Paige is a social media influencer and model who broke the internet with her romance with a famous television personality. Since then, she has taken every chance to share several pictures of herself going on vacation with her new lover, much to the chagrin and encouragement of her divided fans.

Top 10 shocking details about Aubrey Paige

Aubrey Paige may be more popular because of her romance with Ryan, but she has yet to shelve her goals of building a large followership in fashion marketing. Below are some must-read reasons to be interested in the model’s life. 

She was born and raised in America

Aubrey Paige is 25 years old as she was born on the 29th of October 1997 to Shannon Cornell and David Petcosky. She was raised in New York, United States of America, and her family is Christian. She has two sisters, Halley and Riley, and two brothers, Ethan and Elliot. 

She is an educated model 

Aubrey graduated from the University of North Texas and Austin Community College in Dallas, Texas. She is signed to and managed by Genetics Model Management, one of the biggest modelling agencies in Los Angeles, USA. 

Aubrey is in a relationship 

She is currently dating a popular on-air personality, Ryan Seacrest. Aubrey Paige and Ryan Seacrest were acquainted at the birthday party of a mutual friend, Mark Consuelos. They have stuck together since 2021.

Her boyfriend is a famous TV host

Her man is famous for hosting shows with millions of weekly viewers and listeners. Ryan Seacrest’s American Idol host appearances made him famous. He played this role between 2002 and 2016 initially but was reemployed to continue a reboot of the program in 2017. 

Who is Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend? All Aubrey Paige's secret details

Her man dated other women before meeting Aubrey

Is Ryan Seacrest gay? He is not and has been in relationships with several female celebrities, the most publicised being the Ryan Seacrest Shayna Taylor relationship. 

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna were together for about eight years, with a recorded first public appearance in 2013; however, they separated amicably in 2021. 

Aubrey’s boyfriend has never been married 

There is no record of Ryan Seacrest’s wife anywhere in public, with his eyes only on Aubrey Paige.

Is Ryan Seacrest married? He is not married, but there are rumours that he might end his long life as a bachelor by settling down with his current partner.

Her boyfriend has been backlash for dating her 

The couple enjoys the best time of their lives, but some fans are aggrieved about the age difference between the lovebirds. Ryan Seacrest’s age is 48 while Paige’s is 25, meaning the television personality is 23 years older than his model partner. The lovebirds are, however, unbothered by this since they are both legal adults. 

Her partner was accused of sexual harassment

Some years ago, Ryan Seacrest’s sexual predator allegations littered the headlines of major Hollywood publications. His accuser was Suzie Hardy, his former stylist at E! According to her, she went through several years of non-consensual sexual harassment from Ryan and was discharged from her employment after reporting it in 2013. 

Who is Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend? All Aubrey Paige's secret details

The accused debunked this allegation by telling his part of the story, claiming that the accuser had demanded $15 million as a settlement. Investigations into the incident ended in 2018, and Ryan was vindicated because of insufficient evidence to back the sexual harassment allegation. 

Aubrey Paige’s partner is worth millions

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Aubrey Paige’s partner is $450 million rich and one of the wealthiest on-air personalities worldwide. Ryan Seacrest’s house and real estate investments testify to his wealth. After renovating it, he got a $36.5 million house in 2011 but sold it for $51 million in 2022. 

He makes most of his money from multi-million dollar hosting contracts and other businesses like Ryan Seacrest’s distinction clothing line for men.  

Who is Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend? All Aubrey Paige's secret details

She has been on the air with Ryan Seacrest

She was a guest on her boyfriend’s final appearance on the show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, which he has been co-hosting for six years alongside Kelly Ripa. It was an emotional episode, with everyone present attesting to how much Ryan would be missed while away from the show. 

Aubrey Paige is undoubtedly the envy of several women worldwide as she has captured the heart of one of the most eligible bachelors. Her relationship with this man has caused her to face online backlash from people who think she is only with her lover because of money. 

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