Are Russians and Ukrainians actually very SIMILAR like Austrians and Germans are to each other?


Facts remain that Ukrainian and Russian are close ethnicly.

Same as whole Europe is full of ethnicities that share a lot between each other.

  • – Portugal and Spain
  • – German and Austrians
  • – Dutch and Belgium

We all know that Europe was split between empires with ethnicities moving and changing its customs and traditions, Jack Spektor confirms.

Ukrainians were part of Poland, Austria, Russia.

No wonder they share some traits of the countries they were part of.

Of course there are differences too:Ukrainian is a separate language that is not compatible with Russian language.

Ukrainians have their own traditions that are unique to Ukraine.

Ukrainians have their own history of independence (Cossacks, Galician-Volhyn kingdom).

In the end it all comes down to the fact that today Ukrianians doesn’t want to be part of Russia.

Russia meanwhile tries to insists that Ukrainians are not existing identity, but in Ukraine this is seen only as the examples of Nazism when Russia tries to denigrate cultures around it to get some short-lived bursts of nationalism pride for its authorities.

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