Bronx mom Ivana Paolozzi SMILES at court after being charged with hiding baby daughter’s body


A young mother smiled as she left a New York City court after appearing on charges related to the death and concealment of her baby daughter.

Ivana Paolozzi, 20, smiled in the hallways of the Bronx courthouse on Tuesday.

Ivana Paolozzi’s crime

She is charged with tampering with physical evidence and two counts of concealment of a human corpse, in addition to obstruction of governmental administration.

She is currently on supervised release with an electronic monitor.

Damion Comager, 23, is the co-defendant and Paolozzi’s boyfriend.

He was charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of his infant daughter, Genevieve, who died in May and was found buried in a book bag in the woods near a Bronx homeless shelter.

In May, Comager wailed he ‘loved her,’ and was ‘sorry’ as he was led away from the NYPD’s 44th Precinct in handcuffs with his head bowed after being charged.

Grandpa called police on his son

Genevieve’s grandpa previously revealed to the New York Post he felt compelled to call the police on his own son after consulting with a priest.

He said he had decided he had to ‘do the right thing.’

‘I’m just trying to process this,’ Donald, 47, told The Post. ‘He told me the baby was doing a lot of crying.

‘She wouldn’t stop crying. He said he just shook her and lay her down, and he lay down and went to sleep.

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‘He got up and reached for her and she was stiff and her body was cold. He panicked. He told his girlfriend, ‘I think she is dead.”

An NYPD spokesperson previously said a concerned family member, now understood to be the grandpa, alerted police to the missing baby who was found unconscious and unresponsive.

It is believed the baby lived with her parents in the University Family Residence, a transitional housing center located at 1041 University Avenue, blocks away from Yankee Stadium.

She shook and slapped the baby

Sources told The Post that Comager allegedly admitted to shaking and slapping the baby on May 14 when she would not stop crying.

It’s alleged that he did not want to take her to hospital after she became unresponsive because he was concerned the marks around her neck would raise suspicions.

Later that morning, little Genevieve was stuffed in a bag and dumped in the wooded area where she lay undiscovered for more than two weeks, the sources added.

‘They put the baby in a book bag and took her to the wooded area,’ Donald recalled his son telling him on the phone.

Genevieve’s mom and dad initially met while traveling in Switzerland – where Paolozzi is originally from.

Comager, originally from Louisiana, and his girlfriend moved to New York City in November and Genevieve was born in February.

Comager’s dad said that the little girl was his first grandchild and he did not ever get to meet her in person, although he did regularly interact with her on calls or FaceTime.

Donald reflected on the challenges he faced turning his own son in, but after praying with his priest, he felt he had no other choice to call the police.

He also revealed that his son, who had ‘several prior arrests for assault, domestic violence and criminal impersonation’, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as a child.

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