Do you really believe that if Russia nuked the UK that any other nation would RETALIATE by nuking them?


NATO is fine, and it is fully capable of fulfilling its role in the world, but the greatest alliance on Earth is the Five Eyes (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).

‘Mess with any one of those five nations and the other four will be all over you like a nest of angry death hornets faster than you can say your final prayers for forgiveness before you die and your nation is reduced to rubble,’ Alan Taylor said.

Russia are fully aware that hey can’t attack with impunity.

There are at least 14 Nuclear Ballistic missile submarines in the U.S. navy, and 4 more in the UK, Navy, never mind the remainder of the respective arsenals, Paul Mason said.

While the Russian missiles are in the air, the response will already be on it’s way.

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Two modern nuclear missiles will decapitate the Russian leadership. The Russian people will be in complete chaos.

The message is not that the rest of the world will easily retaliate, and it will be vastly disproportionate to whatever Russia sends, but rather that the Russians seem to be oblivious to this reality.

M.A.D. is not an effective deterrent without the ‘M’.

That is the danger of the current mindset of the Russians. They don’t seem to realize just how vulnerable they are.

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