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Doctor ‘showed pictures and videos of him having sex to COLLEAGUE’


A doctor showed nearly 200 pictures and videos of himself having sex with other women to a colleague he was sleeping with at his surgery, a tribunal has heard.

Thomas Plimmer, 40, is accused of engaging in sex acts with multiple women at his GP practice in Swindon, Wiltshire, including a ‘vulnerable’ colleague.

Sexual innuendos

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal heard that the Cambridge-educated doctor was involved with the colleague for over two years and shared approximately 5,000 phone messages with her.

Their relationship started in 2018 after he made an innuendo about a chocolate Easter rabbit.

The pair then had weekly sex sessions at the surgery, it was claimed.

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Plimmer says the encounters were consensual but the colleague claims his advances were unwanted and that there was a ‘power imbalance’ between them.

‘The first time he showed me a video of himself it was unexpected,’ she told the hearing, the newspaper reported.

‘There were 197 images of other women he shared with me.’

The woman also alleged there was an ‘expectation’ and ‘coercion’ to send Plimmer jokes based on sexual innuendos.

The hit-back

Plimmer’s lawyer hit back, asking if the woman ‘encouraged’ the doctor to have sexual interactions with her.

She said she could not ‘recall’ if she had but added, ‘I may have’.

She argued that with an ‘abusive dynamic’ that behaviour is to be expected.

The woman added: ‘I was treated like I was paid for.’

Plimmer was caught performing a sex act at work.

He also sent explicit pictures of himself to another woman, which he has admitted.

The hearing is expected to continue until September 29.



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