Does Kate Middleton Have To Curtsy To Prince William

Does Kate Middleton Have To Curtsy To Prince William

In the royal family, there are strict etiquette rules everyone must follow. And just because Kate Middleton is married to the future King of England doesn’t mean she can get away with curtsying her fellow family members.

That said, the queen doesn’t expect her to show the same amount of respect for everyone in the family.

Up ahead, we take a closer look at who Kate Middleton has to curtsy to and why, plus other etiquette rules she must always follow.

Who Does Kate Middleton Have To Curtsy To

When in formal settings, every member of royalty curtsies or bows to family members that are of a higher ranking. That said, it can get complicated — especially for Kate. Discover who the duchess has to curtsy to, below.

King Charles

There are no questions about whether or not Kate must bow to King Charles. As the reigning monarch, all members of royalty (and non-members) bow or curtsy to his royal highness, especially in formal settings and ceremonies.

Queen Camilla Parker Bowles

Because Queen Camilla Parker Bowles is married to the king, she gets greeted by royal family members with the utmost respect. According to the family’s curtsy protocol, Kate curtsies to Camilla.

Princess Anne, Princess Alexandra, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie

Here’s where things get a little more complicated. The blood princesses curtsy to Kate when William is present because he is second in line to the throne.

However, when she is on her own, Kate curtsies to Anne, Alexandra, Beatrice, and Eugenie, as they are all related to the royal family by blood.

Prince William

Once Prince William becomes king, Kate might curtsy to her husband. That said, the royal couple is much more modern than past monarchs and will likely allow the curtsy on his coronation day, then keep things a little more casual (aka no curtsies) thereafter.

Prince George

Right now, Kate doesn’t curtsy to her children — that would just be weird. However, should she be alive when Prince George becomes king, she will likely curtsy to him on his coronation day as a symbol of respect for the reigning monarch.

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