GUN DEALER caught after posting YouTube videos posing with machine gun, and ammunition


A gun dealer was nailed by cops after he posted YouTube videos of himself posing with deadly weapons he made in his bedroom.

Selling cheap firearms

Jordan Geoghegan, 23, took selfies holding a machine gun and boasted in text messages of buying cheap firearms from America.

He also sent a chilling text message to a friend saying he needed to fix his shotgun so he could ‘smoke’ an unnamed victim.

Police bodycam footage shows the moment he was arrested at his family home in Erdington, Birmingham.

And video filmed by Geoghegan himself shows him brandishing multiple weapons, pointing the gun at the camera in some clips.

West Midlands Police said he used the videos to boast to buyers about his access to guns.

The arrest

One gun was found to be a live weapon, but it’s unknown if all were real or if some were imitations.

The bodycam footage shows police banging on his door telling Geoghegan to open it before they detain him.

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Officers found tools to convert blank firing ammunition into lethal bullets, along with shotgun cartridges and bullet casing.

More crimes

Searches of his mobile phones uncovered video footage of him on one occasion showing his guns on while walking in public.

Text messages also revealed his plans to sell guns and bullets to criminals, which he had made in his bedroom.

One text read: ‘Got some drams with my bredwin gonna smoke him been tryna fix my dottie (shotgun) to smoke him can you get me 20 gauge slugs need them asap!

‘Need a pocket rocket for tomorrow g if you got one cheap that slaps.’

In another message, he said: ’12 double barrel, Model 27 semi auto MK sten*. There (sic) the kinda things I can get aha just don’t tell no one.’

Geoghegan, of Erdington in Birmingham, admitted possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and being involved in the sale or transfer of ammunition.

On Monday, he was jailed for 14 and a half years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Other criminals Geoghegan was in contact with have been investigated, with one person jailed for five years for possession of a firearm.

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