Is it possible that North Korea starts SENDING ‘volunteers’ to Ukraine to help the Russians, and what would be the implications?


Putin has boasted he will get 100,000 North Korean soldiers, primarily because he is having difficulty recruiting in Russia. It has not happened and most likely will not happen.

The North Koreans are malnourished and not combat read.

Like Putin like Hitler

Russia does not have the ability to supply them now because they are having difficulty supplying their own troops.

Hitler used to make up imaginary armies. Now it appears Putin is doing the same.

North Korea will offer zero soldiers, but North Korea has reached an agreement to provide overseas workers to rebuild Russian held areas of Ukraine.

Fears Of Arms Deal As North Korea's Kim Jong Un Meets With Putin   

However, this is not a new thing North Korea has been sending workers overseas for years mostly to Russia, China, Kuwait and several countries in Africa.

These overseas workers make less than the citizens of those countries make but much more than they would in North Korea.

The regime then confiscates half or more of this money. This is one of the many ways North Korea makes money it’s nothing new.

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