Is Meghan Markle The New Royal Influencer? How She Could Make Millions On Instagram

Is Meghan Markle The New Royal Influencer? How She Could Make Millions On Instagram

The world has been patiently waiting for Meghan Markle’s return to Instagram ever since the Duchess of Sussex alluded to her imminent social media renaissance during that interview with The Cut.

“I’m getting back… on Instagram,” the Duchess, 42, told the magazine back in August 2022. Sure enough, shortly after her tell-all interview, a new @meghan handle appeared on the social media platform. 

Royal fans were left convinced the account belonged to Prince Harry’s wife, given that first-name-only handles are a privilege reserved for celebrities and verified accounts.

Such a common first name emerging for the first time on a platform as oversaturated as Instagram seemed far too good to be true, and Meghan’s fans quickly began following the page. 

But over a year since her public announcement, and with several of Meghan’s close friends following the dormant account, the mother-of-two is yet to reemerge on the content-sharing platform. 

Meghan and Prince Harry’s former @sussexroyal account also remains as it has since 2019, a digital relic of the couple’s time before stepping away from the royal spotlight. 

Claudia Rosa, founder of The Blogger Agent, who lifted the lid on exactly what Meghan’s rumoured return to Instagram could mean for the podcast host.

From six-figure campaign deals to working with some of the world’s biggest brands, nothing is off limits for the Duchess’ predicted career shift.

How much could Meghan Markle earn from Instagram?

Meghan closed her Instagram account when she joined the royal family

“Due to the nature of her image, the kinds of campaigns Meghan would be offered would likely start at six figures,” says Claudia. 

“There is not necessarily a rigid structure when it comes to earning potential per talent… though it’s very likely that larger higher-end brands would be interested in working with Meghan.”

Will Meghan Markle relaunch her former blog, The Tig?

Meghan was just like any other millennial Instagram user, sharing food photos and playful selfies

Before she was forced to deactivate her personal account ahead of her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan had amassed three million Instagram followers just by sharing snippets of a basic life: foodie snaps, yoga classes, hikes with friends, her beloved beagle, Guy. 

Her former blog, The Tig, was a poetic hub for the then-actress to share everything she loved about her A-list lifestyle. From travel tips to recipes, gift guides and beauty secrets, Meghan’s digital footprint once provided all the components for the ‘perfect’ modern-day influencer. 

Claudia thinks its return could be the secret to Meghan’s success as a content creator. “The Tig seemed to keep its readers in balance with just enough admiration and a healthy dose of envy alongside that down-to-earth, girl next door feels. 

“Relaunching on Instagram would definitely make sense for The Tig,” Claudia adds. “The audience craves an intimacy and feeling of normalcy and relatability with the creator, whilst also enjoying watching them doing things they don’t necessarily get to enjoy themselves. 

“To keep it relevant, Meghan would probably need to delve into more video content and potentially explore more podcast-style interviews with people of interest, rather than keeping it blog style,” she explains.

Claudia’s work at The Blogger Agent has facilitated collaborations between content creators with the likes of Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, Sony and Dyson, to name just a few. when asked what it is about famous faces that lure in major brand deals.

“For the brand, it’s all about aligning yourself with that VIP and thus aligning yourselves with their fanbase and audience,” Claudia says. “It can potentially ignite interest in the brand from people who may know the ambassador, but are not familiar with the brand.”

We’re all familiar with ‘The Meghan effect’. After saying ‘I do’ at St George’s Chapel in 2018, the Duchess of Sussex became a fashion industry phenomenon as her sartorial influence snowballed.

“On average, if Meghan wears a designer, that brand will see a 200% increase in search demand over the following week,” Lyst’s Yasmine Bachir told Elle in 2019.

With that in mind, the Duchess of Sussex’s predicted earning prospects and potential for influence make her return to the platform seem like a no-brainer. But what can we expect from a personal account, no longer monitored and controlled by the Firm?

It’s no secret the Duchess of Sussex found navigating royal life challenging. As well as giving up her personal Instagram account, the born-and-raised Cali girl had no autonomy over her online persona. 

The Duchess’ old Instagram grid boasted a collection of yoga photos

“There’s literally a structure by which if you want to release photos of your child, as a member of the family, you first have to give them to the Royal Rota,” Meghan told The Cut, adding that sharing photographs of Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet with the media before she could share them with her loved ones “didn’t sit right” with her.

“Going solo allows her brand to be more personable and will enable her to resonate and connect more with her audience through her posts,” suggests Claudia, who also shared that Meghan’s uncensored posts on the app could tap into an audience who don’t follow her for her royal connection.

Only time will tell to see if @meghan is finally confirmed to be the Duchess of Sussex. 

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