Mystery as British mother is given ‘suicide note’ written by daughter – but she INSISTS her daughter did not take her own life


Mystery continues to surround the death of a young British woman in Turkey after her mother was handed an alleged suicide note.

Local judges closed the case when they ruled that Ayse Rhiannon Vural had shot herself in her apartment in Istanbul on September 11, 2020.

Her boyfriend made death threats against her

The 26-year-old was found with a gunshot wound to her head a day after a violent row with her boyfriend, who is also alleged to have made death threats against her.

Now, her heartbroken mother Tracie Brookes says there are serious questions that remain unanswered about the police investigation, and that the return of a supposed suicide note has left her with more questions than answers.

Tracie came to Turkey to obtain her daughter’s belongings and a copy of the investigation file.

Upon her arrival in Turkey, the mother learned that her daughter had left a suicide note, and it was handed over with other possessions.

To add to the mystery, while reviewing the list of her daughter’s belongings that were found after she died, Tracie discovered that some things included were missing.

Her mother thinks she was murdered

These were two large suitcases and her daughter’s beloved stuffed rabbit – a plush toy of Disney’s Thumper from the film ‘Bambi’, which was always with her since childhood and was found on her chest when she was discovered dead.

In the small package she received, there were only a few items that belonged to her daughter, including a laptop, three cellphones, keys, a cloth bag, a T-shirt, perfume, an ultrasound image, a piece of paper with ‘Ararat’ and an address written on it, and several sheets of drawing paper.

Additionally, a single US dollar bill found on Ayse’s nightstand was handed over.

But perhaps most importantly, Tracie finally received the alleged suicide letter.

The note read: ‘I found my identity. I never told anyone it was taken from me, but maybe I lost it myself. Everything I have can be given to my sister. My mother can decide what to do on her own.’

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The young girl, who had requested a restraining order, reportedly told police they had broken up eight months prior but would see each other occasionally.

She reportedly said the two began arguing after he saw her seeing guests out the door and became jealous, then began swearing at her.

He reportedly threatened her saying: ‘If you don’t leave here tonight, I will kill you. If you’re with another man, I will kill you,’ and allegedly assaulted her.

The next day, she was dead.

Ararat is currently being investigated over suspicions of being an alleged member in a criminal gang.

However, Tracie said prosecutors had treated him only as an informant after he claimed he was out of town on the day of the murder.

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