See Moment Vladimir Putin Greets North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un In Russia (Video)

See Moment Vladimir Putin Greets North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un In Russia (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, September 12 in Russia’s large Vostochny space launch site ahead of expected arms talks between the pair.

When asked by a reporter whether Russia would help North Korea launch its own satellites and rockets, Putin responded: “That’s exactly why we came here.”

“The leader of North Korea shows great interest in space, in rocketry, and they are trying to develop space. We’ll show our new objects,” Putin said at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, in Russia’s far east Wednesday.

“We’ll talk about all the issues without haste, there is time,” he added.

Putin’s comments hint at deepening ties with North Korea, which US officials have warned could see Pyongyang supply weapons for Moscow’s use in its faltering Ukraine war in exchange for sanctioned ballistic missile technology.

Video released by the Kremlin Wednesday showed the two leaders shaking hands before touring the space center and adjoining rocket complex, where launch vehicles are assembled and tested, according to Russian state media.

During the tour, the two leaders inspected the complex where Russia plans to launch its next generation of spacecraft.

The facilities were built to receive launch vehicles, conduct pre-launch preparations, launches, and post-launch operations, state news agency TASS reported.

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