US Police Suspend Officer Caught In Viral Video Kissing Scantily Clad Woman Before Climbing Into Back Of Squad Car With Her (Video)

US Police Suspend Officer Caught In Viral Video Kissing Scantily Clad Woman Before Climbing Into Back Of Squad Car With Her (Video)

A Maryland police officer with a checkered past has been suspended after he was filmed giving a scantily clad woman a steamy kiss before joining her in the back of his squad car.

The Prince George’s County Police Department confirmed Tuesday that one of its officers was involved in the now-viral video and said it was looking into the circumstances of the clip.

The department identified the officer as Francesco Marlett, who was suspended in 2016 over allegations that he beat a 3-year-old child unconscious, according to Fox 5 DC. 

“His police powers are now suspended as the investigation continues,” the department tweeted Tuesday evening after previously announcing an investigation had been launched into the video.

In the salacious clip posted to Instagram and TikTok, an officer with a shaved head gives a lengthy, passionate smooch to a woman wearing a tiny dress while aggressively grabbing her behind.

With his arm around her shoulder, the uniformed officer then walked her to the back of his squad car and helped her inside. The officer then slid in alongside the woman and closed the door behind them.

Men filming the interaction could be heard speaking back and forth in Spanish, with one seeming to call the officer an “animal,” and another crying, “Ayy, yo!” as they watch.

“Johnny Sins wildin on the job,” the caption read, referring to a famously bald porn star.

A number of kids could be heard playing nearby in the background, and at one point several ran through the frame.

The video appeared to be filmed at Carson Park, right next door to the Oxon Hill High School, according to ABC 7News.

In 2016, Marlett was suspended without pay after he was indicted for second-degree child abuse for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s child.

He was watching the child as his girlfriend cooked dinner, and when the boy wet the bed, Marlett allegedly spanked him until his head hit the wall and he lost consciousness.

It remains unclear what the relationship between Marlett and the woman in the video was, cops said.

“The circumstances are in the video,” one woman deadpanned in response to the police department’s tweet.

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