When do you think Vladimir Putin will RETIRE?


There is a rumor going around that Vladimir Putin is seriously ill, and that he may leave the political scene within about a year.

This rumor is promoted particularly by the political commentator and historian Valery Solovei, but others in Russia have voiced similar opinions.

It is difficult to judge whether the rumors of Putin’s poor health have much merit.

There is even a claim that Putin travels internationally with his personal toilet so that no one could take samples of his feces and analyze them.

This sounds ridiculous, but it may be true. Putin is 67 years old. He could very well be having serious health issues.

He has already outlived an average Russian male.

Over the past year or two Putin did seem fatigued and less focused, in my opinion. This year he has even cancelled the annual multi-hour ‘open line’ press conference which had never been cancelled before.

Physical and mental health is probably the main determining factor in how long Putin will remain at the helm in Russia.

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If indeed he is seriously ill, he could leave sooner than most people imagine. If such plans are in the works, they will be kept secret until the very end. Putin сould not stand the idea of announcing his departure in advance and being a lame duck leader.

The lines above is what will most likely happen if he is not arrested and handed over to the ICJ to face war crime charges.

He could as well be assassinated when the Russian Military/FSB/citizens depose him – most likely by falling out a window in a high rise building, or as a result of poisoning.

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