Adorable moment two-year-old bursts into TEARS watching Toy Story 2


This is the adorable moment that a toddler bursts into tears while watching her favourite film, Toy Story 2.

But watching it over for the most recent time, her mother realised something had changed as her daughter began crying.

Whilst watching a scene in which cowgirl Jessie is left behind, the toddler turns to her mother in tears.It felt like she ‘really understood it’, Ms Willis said.

The toddler can be seen completely enamoured by the screen, before scrunching up her face and bursting into tears.

She then looks at her mother for reassurance.

Since she was 6 months old

As Reina continues to weep, Ms Willis can be heard repeating: ‘Jessie’s ok, Jessie’s ok’, whilst stroking her head.

According to her mother, Reina watches the Toy Story films every night to fall asleep and has been doing it since she was six months old.

Ms Willis, who lives in Anglesey, Wales, said: ‘She’s watched it over and over and over but this time she just sat there and watched.

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‘She was hooked that’s why I filmed her. She turned at me, like, oh my God, what happened? Then she bit her lip and just buried her face in the mattress to cry.

‘I stroked her head and told her “Jessie’s OK, Jessie’s OK” while she had a little cry. She felt better after a minute and a half.

‘I just think that she’s watched it this time and really understood it.’

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