Groundskeeper mistakes naked body lying face-down in a yard for a HALLOWEEN PROP and mows around it


A disturbing mix-up led to a groundskeeper mowing the lawn around what they thought was a Halloween decoration – but what turned out to be a dead body.

The half-naked dead body of Robert Paul Owens, 34, was found lying face down outside a deserted house in China Grove, North Carolina.

A lawn-care employee discovered Owens’s body on October 9 but didn’t report the finding because they thought it was a spooky Halloween prop being used for decoration, according to family members of Owens.

Instead – the groundskeeper allegedly avoided mowing the area where the mysterious body was and Owens corpse wasn’t officially reported until the following day.

On October 10 a construction worker at the home – which had been empty for a long time – stumbled upon Owens’ body, found half-naked in the grass with cuts and scrapes all over his body and reported it to the police.

Haley Reavis – Owens’s sister – set up a gofundme for funeral expenses. On the fundraising page she said: ‘I can’t give out many details do to the ongoing investigation, but just know the truth will come out.

‘He was stripped of his clothes and belongings, leaving him in his underwear and socks for over 24 hours face down in the yard next to a house.’

The gofundme page has gathered $1,230 in donations from 17 different people, as of Wednesday.

Reavis went on to call out the ‘suspicious way’ that her brother was found: ‘He was found once on Monday by a lawn care employee that assumed he was Halloween decorations or a mannequin for K9 training and was never reported to authorities.

‘Who in their right mind mows a yard at a house that has power on and no one has lived there in a while but the property is used for k9 training for years, can assume a half naked dead body with scratches and glass around it is halloween decor.

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‘Robert was found a second time the following day by a foreman over a construction crew that finally reported his body to authorities.

Owens’s family members are suspicious about the mysterious death, although the police don’t suspect foul play. Reavis said: ‘We have evidence that has been handed over to the detective. If you’re reading this and you were involved just now you will get what you deserve very soon.’

The police allegedly told Owens’s mother and sister that he had not been shot, but they gathered the rest of the information from the construction worker who found the body.

‘Construction worker told us that he had cuts and scrapes on his arms like defensive wounds, his words,’ his sister said.

His family admitted that Owens was known to do drugs, according to abc27 – but insist that doesn’t explain his shocking death.

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