I played an extra in Harry Potter as a child but I was paid NEXT TO nothing


A woman who appeared as an extra in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has revealed she got paid barely anything for the role.

For most children – and quite a few adults – being an extra on a magical Harry Potter epic would be nothing short of a dream.

How much was Daniel Radcliffe paid for each Harry Potter?

But Samantha Clinch, who is a former child actress from London, divulged the extras worked long hours and were only paid £35 a day, in stark contrast to Daniel Radcliffe, who received $11 million for playing the protagonist in the highest grossing international film of 2005.

In her viral TikTok video, that now has over 3.5 million views, Ms Clinch elaborated about life on set.

Explaining her day as a child actor, Ms Clinch stated how they would all be expected to be ready for breakfast in a holding area on the set’s exterior for 5.30am.

How much were Harry Potter extras paid?

She also added they would often have to battle their way back home through the ‘heavy, heavy traffic’ during rush hour.

She said in the clip, that now has over 369,000 likes: ‘Are you ready for how much we got paid? £35 a day. £35. That’s £2.91 an hour. Is that legal? That’s chaos.’

Although her paycheck may not have been as magical as she hoped, the presenter teased that there was ‘a big jump in cash’ when she became the character, Eloise Midgeon.

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The TikToker sarcastically jibbed: ‘So when I became the part of Eloise Midgeon, honestly little did I know that day when I was going to set how the day would change for me and my bank account.

She added: ‘I got paid £70 a day. They doubled it they just doubled it.’

However, the former child actress elaborated that despite the low wages, starring on the hit movie was not all that bad.

She told her TikTok following of 14,900, although she was only receiving £2.91 an hour, the constant stream of food more than made up for it.

Ms Clinch gleefully said: ‘It’s like an all inclusive. Seriously the amount of squares bars and ice buns we got through – minimum £15 a day.’

She even declared an entirely separate video was needed to detail the ‘elite’ catering.

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