I was bullied for YEARS over my L cup boobs – having a breast reduction changed my life


A woman with an L cup chest who was tormented by bullies for years has undergone a life-changing breast reduction that has left her ‘glowing’ with joy.

She was nicknamed ‘burger nipples’

Amba Rose, from the Midlands, would constantly face name-calling by classmates who taunted her with nicknames such as ‘burger nipples’.

The abuse continued online where the 23-year-old would receive horrible comments from men on social media.

After over two decades of struggling with her confidence and constant physical pain, Amba decided to go under the knife to make her chest smaller and going from an L to E cup has changed her life for the better.

Amba said: ‘This is something I’ve really struggled with since being a teenager and people were so horrible at school.

‘They’d call me things like “burger nipples” and print out burgers, sticking them up to themselves and dancing around imitating me like I was a joke.

‘Equally, they also use to make comments like I only had boobs because I was fat.

‘It was horrible to experience and made me feel so self-conscious.

The horrible experience

‘Even as I grew up and went to university, people wouldn’t look me in the eye – they would just stare down at my chest.

‘I’d walk into rooms and hear gossiping about me wherever I went.

‘I also found if I was just friendly towards a boy, other girls wouldn’t like it and would act differently towards me.

‘When I put myself out there online, it got even worse as I received disgusting comments on my pictures. I’m so much more than my chest.’

It wasn’t just the cruel comments and bullying that made Amba want to undergo surgery; her large chest took its toll on her body, too.

She said: ‘I had to pay for a private chiropractor and take time off work numerous times due to the back pain [my breasts] caused.

‘I’ve wanted a breast reduction since I was 15, and I’ve pleaded with doctors for years to have it done.

‘I even priced up having it done privately – but it would would have cost up to £12,000, which I couldn’t afford.

‘I worked from the age of 15 and despite savings, I had to get through life paying rent and finding my own way.

‘I come from a lower economic background which means I had no help from my family in the money remit.

‘The criteria is based on BMI and due to the size of my breast and my height, my BMI was super high.

‘I went to university in Winchester, which is a much smaller place that my hometown, and I thought I’d have more of a chance of being referred here.

‘After a lot of back and forth, a panel eventually said yes – I was over the moon.’

The processes

Amba was put on a two-year waiting list in 2021. The waiting list started from once her funding was approved.

She was finally taken into the operating theatre in July this year for a bilateral breast reduction.

She added: ‘I felt so emotional when I woke up after the operation.

‘This was something that had affected my mental health for the past seven years.

‘It was a weird feeling to have carried something like that [the weight] for so long and then it [suddenly] not be there anymore.

‘Doctors also had to cut my milk duct, which means I won’t be able to breast feed in the future.

‘My surgeon was very open about me not being able to breast feed.

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‘There are different ways of doing a breast reduction so they can keep the milk ducts, but I do not really mind about not breast feeding.

‘It is the safer option to avoid a larger risk of nipple necrosis, and children are not on the cards right now.’

Still in recovery

Amba is still in recovery and will be in this process from to six months to a year. However, she already feels like a new woman.

She added: ‘I feel like I’m glowing. I don’t have back pain, I don’t need time off work and I can exercise and do activities I really enjoy, like trampolining.

‘My boyfriend, friends and family have been so supportive throughout this whole journey because they know how desperate I was for it.

‘Since my surgery I’ve lost around 6,000 followers, with men saying I’m now “good for nothing”. But it’s a blessing in disguise to me.

‘For anyone considering the same surgery], it’s really important to make your concerns known to doctors.

‘You also need to be aware of how long the recovery process will take. It may feel like a big step but there is light at the end of the tunnel.’

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