I was covered in a HUNDRED bedbug bites my doctor had never seen so many on one person


A woman has been covered in more than 100 bedbug bites after a trip to Benidorm.

Natalie Brown, 28, was left covered in bedbug bites after she spent three days on a £203 holiday in the Spanish holiday destination with her friends.

The paralegal from Birmingham was staying at a flat in Benidorm when she noticed a bite on her arm after the first night she slept on the sofa bed.

Over the next two days she accumulated more bites that left her with itchy skin.

When she returned to the UK and the itchy bites worsened day by day, Ms Brown saw her GP, who said she had never seen that many bites on a patient.

One of the worst cases of bed bug bites

Ms Brown said: ‘The doctor said it’s one of the worst cases of bed bug bites she had seen. They were all over my body, and the most were on my legs.’

Her reaction to the bites was so severe, Ms Brown required a course of antibiotics to clear her inflamed and itchy skin.

‘My bites were incredibly itchy, they were sore, I couldn’t show my legs and arm for around six months until the bites and scars went down,’ she said.

‘It knocked my confidence and I was embarrassed to tell people, because they were all on one side of my face.

‘I had to tell work that I wouldn’t be able to come into the office until those bites had reduced. I also didn’t want to put my camera on for everyone to see.’

Her pity situation

Ms Brown realised she had been bitten on the first night she slept on the sofa bed, but because she had nowhere else to sleep she had to endure the infestation there for a total of three days.

She said: ‘I stayed in a flat on a sofa bed on holiday in Benidorm, I was the only person staying on this sofa bed, my friends had normal beds and they didn’t get bitten.

‘After the first night I saw a bite on my arm, then I saw a bug on the sofa bed but my friend thought it was a beetle at first so we didn’t think about it.

‘But then the second night I got more bites and saw another couple of bugs on the bed.

‘Sadly there was no other place to sleep so I had to manage for three days on this sofa bed.’

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Ms Brown explained that the bed bug bites were initially small and got bigger over time: ‘The bites originally were quite small but they got a lot worse since coming home.

‘My friends didn’t think the bites were that bad when they were fresh, but then in the following weeks they got bigger and lots of people were shocked by the amount of bites on me, especially the ones on my face.

‘People said they felt itchy just looking at them and commented that they looked very sore.’

She said this experience has made her extremely conscious of staying in new beds.

‘It’s made me extremely conscious of staying in new beds and I always inspect the bed before getting in’, she added.

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