Man walks out on date after woman told him she had a kid – IS HE WRONG?


A man has revealed he walked out on a date after the woman he was seeing revealed she had a child and wanted him to help her raise her son.

The unnamed Redditor posted on the forum’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) subreddit asking people to weigh in about whether or not he was in the wrong for his actions.

After 3 weeks of dating…

The Reddit post was titled: ‘AITA for leaving someone at a [restaurant] because she lied to me about having a kid (expected me to take care of them and pay for them). After 3 weeks of dating.’

‘I was dating this girl and everything was going great, 3 weeks in we are at a [restaurant] and she tells me out of nowhere she has a kid!

‘I told her at the beginning of the date I do not wants kids, and she agreed,’ the original poster, OP for short, began.

‘She tells me she has a kid and the father left out on them. Now she is raising her kid alone, she said I see you as a good man for my kid to raise him, I need the help.

‘She said you have a good career and it would be great as her child does not get to go out much, he can finally enjoy the good life.’

OP concluded: ‘I just walked out at the [restaurant] not saying anything. I blocked her number and social media and just left. AITA?’

Netizens react

Countless Redditers flooded the comments section with the vast majority agreeing the OP was Not The A**hole, or NTA for short.

‘No at all, it’s not your responsibility to take care of her kids and her trying to pull that especially only after a week is really sad but also shows a level of immaturity,’ one person wrote.

‘WTF!!!… NTA,’ a second answered. ‘You dodged a major bullet.”WOW! That was very bold of her to say out loud,’ a third chimed in.

‘NTA. Run far, run long. I don’t think all single moms are like this, but this one is a user. Looking for someone to bankroll the life she feels she deserves,’ a different commenter echoed.

‘Absolutely NTA, and that was a great move to walk out. She was looking for a sugar daddy, not a partner,’ a someone else agreed.

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Another vented: ‘The unbelievable gall (or stupidity) of some people! NTA Did she really think that after 3 weeks you’d be madly in love and something as important as a kid wouldn’t bother you, even though you made your stance clear from the beginning?

‘Maybe she should put up an ad saying “SUGAR DADDY WANTED FOR ME AND MY KID,”‘ they further fumed.

‘Dang she’s straight forward about wanting you to be an atm and a caretaker,’ yet another concurred.

And someone else shared a similar story.

‘NTA. I had a very similar date. On the second date after taking to a guy, he revealed that he was living with his cousin and his kids were coming to move in with him so he needed more space.

‘He asked if he could come live with me with his kids and so that I could be a role model for the kids. Blocked so fast!’

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