Mom of bullied girl, 14, who shot herself dead SLAMS school tormentors


The heartbroken mother of a bullied 14-year-old schoolgirl who shot herself dead and died in her father’s arms has slammed her daughter’s tormentors for leaving her out of sports teams, calling her awful names and ignoring her altogether.

School bully

Jaylee Chillson’s mother Stacie condemned the bullies for victimizing her daughter, claiming some are even pretending to be sad about the tragedy despite relentlessly targeting her for years.

‘I’m angry with those that hurt my baby,’ she wrote in a scathing Facebook post.

‘I’m furious with those I KNOW hurt her and will talk about her now like they didn’t play a part in crushing her.’

Jaylee died on September 16 when she is believed to have run away from home to attend a party in Aurora, Kansas.

After her parents called police to escort her home, the 14-year-old pulled out a gun and shot herself in front of ‘multiple partygoers.’

Following the tragedy, Jaylee’s devastated father Jeb Chillson recalled how the teen died in his arms after he rushed into the party to find her.

Jaylee’s decision to shoot herself came after years of abuse from her peers, Stacie wrote, as she claimed that even the bullies’ parents piled on as the abuse escalated.

‘I’ve read days’ worth of messages from her ‘friends’ that treated her absolutely awful,’ she said.

‘Watched as she was not included with girls on her sports teams. Watched adults on a school level repeatedly fail her.

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‘Watched as girls that were once her best friends not even acknowledge her when she would walk by them, and watch a handful of parents who used to gush about he and how amazing she was turn to calling her names and talking badly about her to their kids.

‘No one outside our family and her therapist know what the last year of her life has been like.

‘And please do not, if you know YOU were part of the problem, if you knew YOUR child was part of the problem, use my daughter’s name now that she’s gone. You don’t deserve to.’

Sexual assault

Jeb told reporters another girl poured rubber cement in her hair in front of other students, and she was once sexually assaulted amid the countless bouts of bullying.

The anguished father detailed the teenager’s final moments, telling it came after she left to attend a field party when she’d been told she couldn’t go.

When attempting to track her down, Jeb called the authorities to help when he realized where she was.

The former EMT recalled hearing a gunshot from the scene after a Cloud County Sheriff’s Office deputy found her.

‘I heard people talking about a gun. I hear a gunshot ring out, and I call the dispatch and ask if their deputy shot, and they said no, but they hear reports of shots fired,’ he said.

‘They told me not to go in there, but I said used to be an EMT, I can help. When I got closer, they told me that there was a girl shot, so I took off running.

‘I see my daughter on the ground, being held up by one of the party goes. As I come up to the deputy, he tells me that she pulled the gun out and shot herself as he was going over to her.’

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