OnlyFans star who spent $100K on plastic surgery REVEALS future plans


A self-proclaimed ‘bimbo doll’ has proudly revealed they have spent a whopping $100,000 on plastic surgery — and they plan on pumping up their lips with filler until they explode.

Angel Bimbo, 24, a non-binary OnlyFans entertainer, was born and raised in Mexico, where they were assigned male at birth.

They moved to Miami, Florida, with the goal of transforming themselves into a real-life blowup doll.

‘I’m a piece of plastic perfection. I have spent around $100,000 in plastic surgery,’ they shared on the latest episode of the Truly series ‘Hooked on a Look.’

Angel gushed that they love their big lips, small waist, and big butt, but they don’t think they are ‘extreme enough yet.’

‘Being a bimbo is everything in my life’

‘I will never want to be smaller. Who wants that? Being a bimbo is everything in my life, from the way that I walk, the way that I talk, the way I do my nails, the way I do everything,’ they explained.

Angel recalled growing up watching plastic surgery shows with their mother in Mexico and thinking, ‘Oh, wow, that’s so cool.’

They said they moved to Miami because they knew a lot of people there were ‘very into the plastic look’ they were looking to achieve.

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So far, they have gotten hairline surgery, a nose job, a chin implant and liposuction, butt and calf implants, and ‘filler everywhere.’

In their Instagram bio, they boast about having 23 ccs of filler in their lips alone, claiming their pout is the ‘biggest in Florida.’

‘I spend around $1,500 every month just to maintain my look,’ they said.

‘But there’s always been generous men along the way that have helped me make my plastic dreams come true.’

Angel refused to put a label on their gender identity, saying they ‘simply identify as a bimbo doll.’

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