S3x addict doctor ‘THREATENED to reveal affair to his lover’s partner’


A s3x-obsessed doctor threatened to tell his lover’s partner about their affair – but when she then arranged a meeting, he was relieved when the ‘taller, more muscular’ rival left before his arrival.

Tom Plimmer, 40, accused of liaisons with multiple women at his surgery, allegedly threatened to disclose information to the woman’s partner, a tribunal heard today.

The Cambridge-educated GP admitted sending the woman, known as Miss A, a message asking how she would feel if her husband ‘found out she was sleeping with other men’.

He denied it had been ‘a threat’, describing it as ‘hypothetical’ comment.

But Miss A then urged him to tell her partner about their relationship and a meeting was arranged in the surgery car park, the tribunal was told.

Dr Plimmer, who has previously spoken openly about his battle with s3x addiction and having 90 former lovers, said arriving at the car park was ‘bizarre’ and ‘surreal’.

He admitted being relieved to find out her ‘taller’ and more muscular partner had already left – because the doctor felt threatened by the situation and had ‘no desire’ to expose the truth.

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During cross-examination today, Dr Plimmer denied abusing his more senior position over the ‘vulnerable’ woman for s3x.

It is claimed Dr Plimmer saw the colleague as a ‘target for s3x’, used ‘charm’ and swapped innuendo-fill messages with her before they embarked on weekly encounters in his consulting room.

Sex addiction

Dr Plimmer, who claims to have a s3x addiction, is also accused of inviting two other women to the surgery in Swindon, Wiltshire, for trysts during working hours.

Cross-examining the doctor, General Medical Council barrister Mark Monaghan questioned him about his relationship with Miss A.

Mr Monaghan said Dr Plimmer viewed her as ‘another target for s3x’…, ‘which led you to start a charm offensive, which we see developing in messages in the context of that power dynamic’.

Dr Plimmer denied this, saying: ‘I could not respectively disagree more’.

But Mr Monaghan said Dr Plimmer had a modus-operandi with women he met – some on dating apps – which involved ‘charming the pants off people’.

After Miss A accused him of s3xual harassment, Dr Plimmer is said to have mentioned the suicide booths on cartoon show Futurama and told her: ‘Maybe that’s what you need, you should go and do that’.

He told the tribunal the comments were meant as ‘black humour’.

Lies and threats

The tribunal heard how he told lies to other women he had s3xual relationships with at the same time, including one named only as Miss D, whom he was living with.

Dr Plimmer is accused of threatening to ‘slit the throat’ of complainant Miss F after she discovered his other girlfriends and began investigating him.

But Dr Plimmer, who faces s3xual misconduct accusations against six women, told the tribunal he’d said the words because he ‘felt frustrated’ and hadn’t chosen them ‘consciously’.

The hearing continues.

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